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Just ordered this. I got the Spiewak N3-B in 2012 and it bit the dust at the end of last winter (holes in pockets, zipper broke, buttons started falling off).  I'm thinking this one will last longer, especially considering the lifetime warranty.
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
Does anyone have experience with Roy denim they would care to comment on? I'm considering Roy for my next pair when they get restocked.
Two related things: I would also like an anchor shirt restock (red or navy). Do pre-orders for loyalty members happen after the first newsletter of the month, typically? Or are they explicitly called out somehow?
So I got a pair of the Club Monaco suede beefrolls in the mail. They seem to be a bit tight under the top strap at the moment, but not really painful. How much break-in can I expect on these? I'm considering returning them.
Just got a rewards membership - super excited.  Shame I missed out on the red anchor picnic shirt, though.  Will I be emailed instructions for pre-orders and such?   Also, I'm having some trouble with the top drop-down menus - they disappear before I can click anything (there seems to be a gap between "Tops" and where the menu appears when I hover, for example).  I'm on a 2013 MacBook Pro Retina with OS X 10.9.2, and I've recreated the same problem on Chrome, Firefox,...
Can body length be subtracted with pre-orders?  Also, on a related note, are the Picnic shirts in Before-Dinner the same body length as the long sleeve shirts?
Apologies for the iPhone pics. This is a Dunglow Fabric.
Just got my 3A cardigan from UPS.  $47.10 in import duties, which is at the high end of what I expected.   In any case, I love the material and it is burly as all hell, plus I think I actually sized it right.  I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow when there is better lighting.
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