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Does anyone have experience with Roy denim they would care to comment on? I'm considering Roy for my next pair when they get restocked.
Two related things: I would also like an anchor shirt restock (red or navy). Do pre-orders for loyalty members happen after the first newsletter of the month, typically? Or are they explicitly called out somehow?
So I got a pair of the Club Monaco suede beefrolls in the mail. They seem to be a bit tight under the top strap at the moment, but not really painful. How much break-in can I expect on these? I'm considering returning them.
Just got a rewards membership - super excited.  Shame I missed out on the red anchor picnic shirt, though.  Will I be emailed instructions for pre-orders and such?   Also, I'm having some trouble with the top drop-down menus - they disappear before I can click anything (there seems to be a gap between "Tops" and where the menu appears when I hover, for example).  I'm on a 2013 MacBook Pro Retina with OS X 10.9.2, and I've recreated the same problem on Chrome, Firefox,...
Can body length be subtracted with pre-orders?  Also, on a related note, are the Picnic shirts in Before-Dinner the same body length as the long sleeve shirts?
Apologies for the iPhone pics. This is a Dunglow Fabric.
Just got my 3A cardigan from UPS.  $47.10 in import duties, which is at the high end of what I expected.   In any case, I love the material and it is burly as all hell, plus I think I actually sized it right.  I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow when there is better lighting.
I got Tingley overshoes from Amazon.  Specifically the loafer model.  However, they run maybe a size smaller than the sizing advice on Amazon says.
Wait, did I miss that? I haven't read anything about those plans anywhere.
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