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Bump.  Any other thoughts.  Doesn't have to be bright, just a color other than the traditional black. 
Hi all,    What are your thoughts on wearing colorful with a standard tux (black suit/bow tie, white shirt, black AE Park Ave shoes).  I regularly wear colorful socks with dress shoes but wasn't sure if it's completely against the rules for my wedding... If people have done this, any pics you wouldn't mind sharing?  Thanks!
Can someone please help me determine which strap size I need?  I am going to order this Steinhart Marine 38 (,583.html).  My wrist size is around 6.3 inches.  The strap options are as follows:   Small - 114 x 82mm Medium - 124 x 82mm    Thank you so much!
Anyone have a comparable watch to the Longines Flagship Heritage that's around under $500?  Love the simple style of this watch.  Nothing >40mm.  Thanks!
Here is the original pic i'm trying to replicate
  Just noticed awesome looking watch. Anyone have this Seiko?  Is it anything close to the Omega or not even worth trying.  Also found this one...   Anyone find a comparable strap?
Any recommendations in this list or others for a smaller wrist?    
43 is a little too big for my liking, thank you though.  Any other ideas?  Moon phase isn't crucial by I think it adds a unique aspect to the appearance of the face.
Anyone have some ideas for a dress watch - white/cream face, brown leather strap.  I like the moon phase look but not required.  Something along the lines of the Raymond Weil Maestro.  Also, I have smaller wrists so hoping for something with a 39 diameter.  Thanks.
Bummer, didn't see this until I bought the Seiko 5 this afternoon.  Seems like a lot of people have issues with them.  Oh well, if it doesn't work out, looks like the Expeditions are pretty cheap.  Any other input?  Thanks!
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