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Any opinion on Parnis? I assume they low tier given the price, but have no idea.  Switch out for a stainless steel strap and might look pretty close
Thanks. Any other suggestions?  I own the Marine 38.  Had it for 3 years and highly recommend Steinhart.  Looks 10x better in person.,583.html
Does anyone have know of a cheaper watch that resembles the IWC Pilot Chrono?  Black face with stainless steel band. Something around $350 if possible. Thanks!
Really like the look of this watch.  Anyone know of an alternative for under $500?  Like the Seiko Sportura but afraid it will be too big on my wrist.
bump for any other thoughts and/or good shirt/tie combos for the suit shown above.
For clarity, the suit is the same as the one in my picture above.  
Interesting.  A lot of -1's for the shirt.  Now I'm started to re think everything... This is what I wore to the last wedding we attended.  Anything wrong with it (ignore the tie fold, this was late in the evening).  Is something like that completely wrong for our rehearsal dinner?  It will not be super formal.    
 Thanks.  Understand the comment that it reminds you of carpet, but how is the shirt trying to hard?  And I would prefer not to wear a white shirt, although I appreciate the opinion.
This could work if the blues match up
Rehearsal dinner for my wedding is in a few weeks.  Trying to pick out a shirt tie combo.     Wearing this suit - medium grey color:,en_US,pd.html&cgid=21001#!color%3D022_Dark-Grey%26size%3DUS_36R   Was thinking this...
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