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[/quote]Enjoying the more "military" length on the jacket there.
Wrong forum. /thread.
Where to kop?
Incotex, PT01, Rota etc. can all be had for close to your budget with some luck.
+1. Best to return it.
Katz in London. No idea whether they'd post to you though...
Just be aware if you ever plan to have the shoe re-crafted, some makers hold the right to refuse shoes which have been worked on by other parties.
The term "dress boot" covers such a huge swathe of styles it's rather hard to give a definitive answer.Personally I feel a little silly wearing boots in summer, although of course climate depending.
Suede is more versatile than light brown, yes.Loafers are anything but old man shoes.
The most versatile shoe after black oxfords is probably a chukka boot in suede or a pair of loafers to be honest. A pair of dark brown brogues is also very versatile but maybe not for someone in high school.
New Posts  All Forums: