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Seersucker, from what I gather, transcends that casual/formal barrier in the States so I can see that.
Wouldn't quite agree with that part.
The horror...the horror.
It's a look I tried again and again and never felt comfortable with it so switched out for another tie. Grey with a grey suit however works very well I think, as long as a contrasting texture.
Problem is not enough EU>Far East mods (GMT+1-7). I offered myself, didn't hear anything back.
Having once sold an Attolini jacket in this exact cloth I can attest to its quality!
Great look although something weird going on with the chest...too tight?
Suede loafers can be counted here as well. I wear practically all formal clothing these days with suede shoes, you look quite out of place in black oxfords here unless it is the evening / Milan. As someone mentioned, Italians really are masters at this look. I don't think you'd get away with it at all in a city like London with a business suit.
If you're always going to feel uncomfortable in them then yes do sell them.
Very good!
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