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We need another SW&D does MC vice versa challenge.
AM were Church's for a very long time. Those look like Church's to me.
This thread has gone rapidly downhill.
The suit is cut fantastically. However, not sure about the shirt collar.
Like it.
Coloured polish will hide the scuffs. Then you can put a coat of neutral on top if you wish.
I don't know why you're so so focussed on DH. Yes they make a nice suit, with a slim fit, but it's just re-badged Caruso for about a third or double the price more. I seriously think the Ralph Lauren shop on Bond St. would be the solution to your problems - you can try PRL and RLBL for the slimmer fit if you like. The quality for the price actually goes a long way with RL, unlike some of the other RTW makers you mention on your list. Lastly you really need to stop...
This - the lighter colours of the suits you have pictured are not incredibly formal.
Why does everyone always presume something is Caruso? No it isn't Caruso, sorry.
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