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They fit like a tent...
Sorry, but how are we meant to comment when we can't even see how dark it actually is according to you? The TM Lewin pictures present a pretty standard navy suit.
Clearly not the same shoe...
Tell me about it.
They're a pretty standard (if poor quality looking) jodhpur boot.
Seem fine.
I don't see what there is to disagree with, I basically said the same as you?In an ideal world all of your wardrobe would be bespoke...but the high cost for bespoke shirts, and minimum order limit, isn't entirely justifiable in my opinion.Saying you need a bespoke collar to fit your suit is like saying you need bespoke shoes first in order to know where to cuff your trousers on the vamp...very much an idealisation.
The way that business wear is going, ie the popularity these days of shirt and no tie / jacket means that more emphasis is being placed on the fit of your shirt. However, shirts are essentially an undergarment, and a disposable one at that as they will never last as long as a suit. I also believe a lot of people place far too much emphasis on shirt fit when the majority of the time it is covered. It really depends on your circumstances. If you wear suits for work then...
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