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You need to contact the mods before you start this kind of publicity.
Without reading any of the above...people should just read Saussure, particularly his work on the Signifier and Signified. Lacan's not bad and so is Derrida. However, clothing falls roughly into the lexicon of archeological scholarship as it is more about society and behaviour than art, and such Hodder's work on "Symbols in Action" is a must.
Sounds like a lot for seconds
Make sure it isn't lined, too.
+1. Never seen what people see in Zara...
Why not speak with David Reeves, I gather he's from Leeds and does a lot of his MTM work there despite being New York based?
Loving the cashmere Pantharella.
Pumps in America or Court shoes in Britain. You could perhaps get away with Opera slippers.
The suit looks a smidgeon too tight here, perhaps amplified by the waistcoat underneath.
DB odd jacket?
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