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The cuff buttons, lapels and style? Not to mention the sewn up boutonniere hole.
Just hang it in the bathroom next time you have a shower - some steam should sort the wrinkles out.
I really do think that the only look that will be given to your shoes is to check that they are appropriate. The three other options you listed aren't...yet a pair of polished black shoes no matter how SF approved will be. Best not to listen to the SF groupthink on this one.
Excellent trolling.
Everything doesn't need to match, mate. A light blue shirt up top would look great depending on your belt choice.
The ones you see listed are still available - have sent you a personal message.
The last isn't too great, but they're not the worst shoes I've ever seen on here.
Looks excellent, mate!
For sale is a pair of very lightly used Sidi Wires. They are the Air version, and I bought those because most people say the normal Wires can wear a little hot in the summer. They've been used very little (less than a month) and I'm selling because they're just not for my feet unfortunately. There is a slight scrape on the side of one of the shoes as well as just a bit on the top retention buckle. A few other marks that can be expected. However, you can see from the...
New Posts  All Forums: