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I'd say the Ralph Lauren sale on Bond St. Whilst there are many other options in London, such as E&R, their suits are a little too conservative and most certainly quite "boxy" as you say for a young man in my opinion. Polo offers consistently good quality (made by Corneliani), half to full canvassing, traditional style and fabrics in a more modern fit than the standard 3 or 2 button English suits offered en masse by the usual London shops. They also have a few different...
As others have said, unless you are a particularly bizarre body shape MTM is a waste of money. A good alterations tailor is your friend - save the money and get better quality RTW.
Very nice, as usual.
If you're worried about making them darker / lighter, you can always just use a neutral cream / wax.
Of course this is fine.
Another thread with "Affiliate" in the title...good.
IIRC Thom Browne shoes are made by Tricker's.
This is absolute nonsense!
That's about as wintery a shoe style as you could find.
I think you need to wear the hat a bit lower down on your brow as it's looking a little rakish otherwise. I'm liking the seventies vibe on that terracotta linen jacket.
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