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It's the same for La Vera SN in my experience, although I don't have any images to hand as I've never photographed their stuff.
De gustibus...It is quite an Italian thing. Although not too versed on actual bespoke the top RTW makers such as Attolini and La Vera also make it like that.
Good work as usual, razl.
Did all the cheap stuff go or are you Yanks getting the price minus VAT?
Aye, still drunk every day here in its various forms (Aperol, Campari, Cynar, etc.), each of which have their own connotations. I often draw flak from my friends for drinking the Aperol version as it's not considered a "Man's drink", although I'm sure that's just Venetian sense of humour. It has spread wildly in the last couple of years because it seems fairly exotic, is largely unknown and nobody knows that the constituent ingredients are cheap. Back in London you can...
Love this, David.
Where did he go?
I need to get back to Sicily...excellent handwork on that jacket.
Belfast gets a bad rep on this forum and i'll never know why.
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