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Yes. Get some black oxfords and give the a very good polish.
Falke and Pantharella.
Casual wear influenced by the rules, traditions and fit of classic menswear, as opposed to more modern street wear. Think Kennedy on holiday rather than Hedi Slimane in Berlin.
Doesn't Brooks Brothers offer something similar practically every season?
Excellently soporific.
Technically a one button would provide a similar silhouette to a two button as the closure remains in the same place. Yes, however, a one or two button suit does help those who are shorter. One button RTW is very difficult to find.
Just don't buy "Contemporary fit" trousers again if you didn't like that style. While they may or may not alter the fit for the US market, the main USP of Incotex is their elegant modern cut so I doubt they would make them any bigger, if at all, under their own brand. They manufacture for a lot of different brands, and for example their cut for Ralph Lauren is more generous than usual, yet as I say I doubt they'd want that for Incotex. Going from most generous to...
New Posts  All Forums: