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How anyone can say the Galway, Shannon or Dover is a "must have" is beyond me. The epitome of EG, yes, but "must have"...
If you go over to AskAndy there's a 10% discount code for Herring Shoes which is applicable on their Alfred Sargent range.
I have found Lobb's leather considerably softer than EG and G&G, with G&G a close second. Model dependant, however. Whether that's a good thing is up to you.
Guys, can we get this thread back on track and talk about the box again please?
Every single menswear company will do a coat like that...it's hard to suggest a particular one on your description.
If they are "vintage" it's highly unlikely they're G&G as they've only been in business several years. Add to that I've never seen G&G make for F&S.It could be any one of the AS, C&J, Church's people as they look rather old, PM bengal-stripe he might know.
Nothing an irate letter to the editor of The Times can't solve, eh @bengal-stripe ? Dear Sir, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I. Rate W1, London
Ralph Lauren or Sartoria Partenopea? For SP there really isn't any difference in my opinion.
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