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Needed more tweed.
A great example of a now not so popular overcoat style. The style has been on the wane ever since National Service ended and British Military cut backs after the Cold War I suppose.
I would say so, yes, but you may have to put the collar up on both.
Unless there is something very out of proportion with your body, ie long limbs, swimmers chest etc. then there is no need for MTM or Bespoke beyond personal whimsy. It seems to me that you needed a suit, your friend had one on discount, and you bought the suit in your size. RTW really isn't as simple as that and you have to know quite what you're looking for to get certain things right and as close to perfect as possible (length, button stance, shoulders, suppression) and...
Is this a joke? Borrelli, obviously.
Thread needs more CBD.
By button stance he means that the button you fasten (ie the middle one, or top one if a two button) doesn't sit exactly on your natural waist. Somewhat "on trend" in style at the moment though it should always sit on your natural waist or thereabouts. Sleeves look very messy, as does the back. You honestly can't return it? I don't think the suit is very versatile, either.
That shirt looks quite hard to match a tie to, too.
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