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Think this is the last time I'll bother to pay to become a "premium" seller on B&S. If the owners are bothered about my money, and no doubt countless of other sellers who no longer bother with B&S "premium" subscriptions, then something really needs to be done to improve that section of the site. Several members including myself have suggested simple things which would improve it considerably. However, I think the way this thread was completely swept under the carpet and...
Very elegant.
In my opinion it's not necessarily that the amount of handwork has dropped but rather the materials used, ie no longer those large MOP buttons etc. The price has also gone up considerably whilst quality has remained somewhat similar as when I've seen Borrelli shirts lately they are all around €300 a shirt. Obviously for this you still get one of the best RTW shirts in the business but it's not really in line with their other competition. The biggest difference for me,...
I'd say the Ralph Lauren sale on Bond St. Whilst there are many other options in London, such as E&R, their suits are a little too conservative and most certainly quite "boxy" as you say for a young man in my opinion. Polo offers consistently good quality (made by Corneliani), half to full canvassing, traditional style and fabrics in a more modern fit than the standard 3 or 2 button English suits offered en masse by the usual London shops. They also have a few different...
As others have said, unless you are a particularly bizarre body shape MTM is a waste of money. A good alterations tailor is your friend - save the money and get better quality RTW.
Very nice, as usual.
If you're worried about making them darker / lighter, you can always just use a neutral cream / wax.
Of course this is fine.
Another thread with "Affiliate" in the title...good.
IIRC Thom Browne shoes are made by Tricker's.
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