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Hang it up and steam it - I don't really know what you were doing ironing a tie!
No, it's mainline LB.
Perhaps in the Streetwear & Denim section?
Buy the overcoat in your usual size. It should be cut to accommodate wearing things under it. Unless it is a very fashion forward label.
A suit in the English style would look best for your body type.
Due to the advertising in the right side of styleforum, the pictures come up smaller than they are - if you wish to see a shirt in a bigger picture please copy and paste the address into a new window!All shirts are posted in a box, with tracking.For those of you unfamiliar with details of Vincenzo di Ruggiero:Handsewn buttonholesMOP buttons w/ crows feet stitchingFront placket hand stitchedShoulder placket hand stitchedCollar hand attachedSleeves hand attached [[SPOILER]]...
top one is cantarelli.
That jacket is very cool. You'd have to rock a bit of a 70s vibe though...
Needed more tweed.
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