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Keep it as it is.
Thank you very much, lads!
Old Cantarelli yeah.
The cut and detailing of Crombie suits is, in my experience, utter rubbish. Overly boxy, not enough waist suppression and no handwork. T&A RTW on the other hand is much superior in quality and cut - why not just get 2 or so T&A RTW suits if you like the English cut?
For sale is an absolutely incredible 100% Cashmere overcoat by Raffaele Caruso. You really just have to look at the details in the pictures in order to appreciate this amazing piece. There is so much handwork it is unreal, and the shoulders are a thing of beauty. If you can see in the pictures they have an wonderful spalla camicia construction. With the belted back it is incredibly elegant - as well as completely classic yet "on trend" at the moment. The coat is in...
Cheers. I've seen a few of those in my local...will try.
Are you confusing hand canvassing / fused construction for stitches?
Doesn't look like Dark Oak to me.
Name a few whites?
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