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As I mentioned in the Italian CBD thread, a red bengal stripe shirt does look well when paired.
Get a room you guys!
No, I can't. I'd avoid it though.
Have seen a pair of Chelsea's in Black in a 9.5/10E w/leather sole for €590 if anyone's interested in a proxy.
Err...Not to digress but if you really have a passion for bespoke clothing and its quirks then RM was probably one of the best dressed Bonds (bar the casual wear), albeit 70s, but in that vibe Roger Moore looks more Tom Ford than Daniel Craig does even wearing Tom Ford! Big lapels, ties, loud patterns, odd jackets etc. - early Tom Ford at Gucci then his work when he started Tom Ford.One thing RM seems to do very well are the eccentricities an Englishman of Bond's social...
Seems like a steal...I've never seen their RTW any other place than Florence. Can't confim ISAIA, either, as their shop isn't exactly the type of place to inspect the maker's label... Great quality though!
I'd avoid it if I were you. From what I've seen, albeit rarely, pretty standard construction.
Lurk more.
It's not even tucked in properly.
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