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I think he just prefers a wide spread for tie space.
Obviously this doesn't prove anything, but that cashmere label is similar to the ones they use inside Kiton jackets, however, the interior construction doesn't look to be on par with top level Kiton construction. We need pictures of the inner tags to be sure.
Leather isn't ideal for the wet but nor is it impractical. Leave them as they are in my opinion.
If you insist on the shoes being formal, you're better off trying to get some boots on an more elegant last with at least a dainite sole - commando sole would be better.
Le Chameau make the best imho, although I wear Dubarry.
It isn't a bad idea but it hardly protects your trouser cuffs or ankles.
Welcome to Styleforvm, mate!
Nice jacket, razl.
Long enough so that even with the bottom button unbuttoned and the bottom sweeping outward it covers the waist and its closure fully. Although "exactly" is a bit harder to quantify.
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