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Long enough so that even with the bottom button unbuttoned and the bottom sweeping outward it covers the waist and its closure fully. Although "exactly" is a bit harder to quantify.
If you lived in Italy where 90% of socialising is done standing outside in squares and piazzas you might get it why when its close to freezing cold!
Speaking of Barbour I bought the same jacket @SpooPoker has for my Cocker Spaniel the other day, well, the dog version anyway. It has the same collar and everything... I'm on the left in the Cucinelli and Incotex.
I was about to buy loads of Finamore shirts at a steal but then I found each one of them had E.R. initialled on the waist.
Pics or it didn't happen...
This thread needs to be erased from my memory.
38R will be pleased at this evidence of bowler hats being a staple of menswear.
All of my coats have had that V shape on the cuff, it mimics military uniforms from the 17th C. onwards in style.
Ahh, the coat of Pitti. I've had three of them now...and on all three it seems as if the sleeves are constructed pretty much like a trouser with cuffs, except that the excess fabric has been shaped so that the cuff doesn't extend all the way around. So basically, the answer is, make the sleeve a lot longer in the style of having buttons there, but then just roll it up and stitch in.
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