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There isn't really much consensus on who makes for T&A. Their stuff is always good quality though and mostly made in the UK.
Prices on Rakuten are always ridiculous, though.
It took me ages to work out what that picture was.
Dark blue silk knit. Maybe dark blue knit polka dot.
That really looks counterfeit, sorry!
Women seem to really love the fabric too, same goes for velvet jackets.
Probably to take a picture without a scarf underneath?
An alterations tailor will slim any trouser down for you, including jeans. However, there are loads of makers that make a slimmer jean or trouser. If you want a pair of jeans ask over in Streetwear.
HahaThis thread shouldn't be on the front page...or a thread...The "ask a question" thread is sufficient for stuff like this!
There does seem to be more Yanks around than usual.
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