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Look fine to me.
As would be tartain trews for military officers etc. with evening mess dress.
Single breasted and unlined. Whilst a summer cloth it certainly isn't lightweight.
Definitely not Caruso, sorry.
Much in the same way a Casio tells the time similar, if not better, than a Patek Phillipe.
Many, many reasons. The quality of the materials. Fabric used, for one, will be of the very best quality and come from the most renowned European mills. The fabric is also usually pre-washed so that it won't shrink as much as cheaper shirts. Mother of pearl buttons are also used instead of plastic ones. The amount of handwork involved in making the shirt. On a Borrelli or Finamore shirt for example, every seam that is possible to be made by hand is stiched by hand, by...
Herm├Ęs scarf tie.
None of those sound remotely CBD...
Both are drunk with dinner and even by themselves here in Veneto. The notion of a dessert wine doesn't really exist in this country beyond the more fortified and sweeter wines, even then they're a very rare experience dining out and at dinner parties, and menus simply don't cater for the notion. Perhaps this has more to do with the interpretation of what constitutes 'dessert' itself here, unlike countries which lean toward the idea of a savoury dessert course (namely...
Also, Marzotto needs an appearance. He is, as far as I'm concerned, one of the best dressed men in Italy:
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