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All of my coats have had that V shape on the cuff, it mimics military uniforms from the 17th C. onwards in style.
Ahh, the coat of Pitti. I've had three of them now...and on all three it seems as if the sleeves are constructed pretty much like a trouser with cuffs, except that the excess fabric has been shaped so that the cuff doesn't extend all the way around. So basically, the answer is, make the sleeve a lot longer in the style of having buttons there, but then just roll it up and stitch in.
It is indeed, yes!
No, i am not a late comer to the thread. If you scroll back you will see that I was the first person to answer the topic and that I do actually own a bowler hat although it remains unworn.Will someone have a quiet word with this bloke, please? He's about the most irritating member on this site.
Bowlers are not a bloody staple item in the modern age - please stop posting.
Hard to say but I'd probably say yes, unless you are really pushing your foot into the end. Length may not be the issue here, but actually the width, as if the vamp isn't tight enough on your foot then width is probably the factor. Sizing is very hard to get right, as many times a 10C will be the almost the same length as a 9E just narrower etc.In the time when I started to expand my shoe collection but was still growing in my late teens to early twenties it took a few...
Impressive post count.
If there is something you want in a different size - PM me. For sale we have lots of pairs of Incotex trousers. They are one of the most highly regarded RTW trousers on the market and all have a flat front modern, slim fit. I've also picked up a few pairs of cargo trousers which are a big hit lately at Pitti Uomo - you can see several examples of the style: HERE HERE & HERE Size 46: 4. Faded red corduroy trousers. Size 46. 100% cotton Autumn / Winter weight....
Sounds wise.
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