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I'd avoid it if I were you. From what I've seen, albeit rarely, pretty standard construction.
Lurk more.
It's not even tucked in properly.
C&J 348?
A lot of high end Italian manufacturers now use a blend in some of their shirts due to the current trend for very very slim fits. I've seen some by Barba, Borrelli and Finamore and they have all the usual handwork. The overall effect is a less formal style particularly in collar and cuffs but they only seem to use the blends on more casual styles.
Incotex make great shorts actually but not many places carry them.
Red is actually not a bad colour if your complexion is like that and it is largely masked by dark colours. I have a red bengal stripe and although low down on the list it works very well with dark brown / navy if you match the colour of the tie to the overall colour of the suiting / overcoat. The chap of the Armoury used to do colourful shirts like that very well when he was a regular WAYWN poster.
That is lovely.
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