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Amarone is probably the wine they are most fond of here in Veneto, and it certainly doesn't disappoint if you like full bodied and rich wines. However, it's very very strong - at least 15.5% for a good one (I have seen 17%). Just think of a corpulent Hemingway every time you sip!
Hmmm...I think Chianti is very similar to Bordeaux in that regard. Maybe Chianti has a different rep. outside of Italy because for the by and large only the more expensive stuff is exported or worth exporting. You just need to go into any shop selling wine in Italy be it a supermarket or similar to see that Chianti is very much pumped out en masse here for general consumption. Even in Tuscany at Chianti festivals, and I've been to a few as my mate owns a vineyard just...
It's very drinkable and at that price can't be beat for an Amarone.
What on earth do you wear those with, mate?
Preppy is so 2009.
Wear a tie in proportion to your lapel and chest width. Can we make it so you need 50 posts before you can start a thread, please, mods?
Don't wear a belt. I wouldn't wear a belt with any suit.
Another great fit, S.
Try the search function, mate, there's lots of info buried.
Any other suggestions? I don't want this to just drop off the radar as it needs attention.
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