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The quality to price ratio of British low to mid tier makers is terrible at best. Brooks Brothers is massively overpriced in the UK and the fit is made for the American market, which means it is rather "generous".I would advise wholeheartedly to search B&S for Italian stuff which not only offers a more modern slim fit but better fabrics and more construction details like hand stitching etc.For shirts look for Finamore, Barba, Truzzi etc. which you should be able to find...
Personally I'd avoid all of those brands and tan shoes are best paired with light coloured trousers such as cream or khaki.
Support members and buy from the classifieds!
Loving the EG. Didn't know they made a horsebit.
Peal & Co?
Borrelli finally off then? Would be a shame...
Best way would be to have it cleaned as moths etc. are attracted to dirt. Some people like to put them in suit bags and some don't. Make sure you get it out every now and then and give it a once over.
I would avoid Brooks Brothers to be honest. I think Italian makers offer much more for the money than English shirt makers; in construction, fit and fabric.
Very, very classic.
Also, FYI, there is no "Mantovan" style of tailoring and Caruso is from Parma.
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