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Why is every question about shoes and jeans these days? Begone to SW&D with you!
I assume you've only seen this on high end RTW?
Excellent as usual, mate.
Yeah as i said, it was an opinion.
Scarf and jeans would be fine - personally I'm just not a fan of dark trousers with lighter coloured shoes.
Not all to be worn at the same time, I hope!
I have one by Lock & Co that was potentially needed for Mufti. I have never worn it - they are an anachronism at best and the only time you'll see one in London now is at the Cavalry Memorial Parade.
Extremely vintage.
Go for linen and embrace the dégagé look. Linen can be quite dressy if done right.
I don't know I think Olive looks good with a dark blue sport coat.
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