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Great work, guys.
It's not the best pattern nor colour for a sportcoat. You're very limited on trouser colour too, ie I can only see lighter colours such as white or cream working - anything else will look a little silly.
Both pairs of shoes are pretty hideous...sorry!
Not Caruso either old or new.
Yes, Cantarelli.
To be honest I take anything written on that website with a pinch of salt.
+1...and for what appears to be a significant markup.
For every one picture you find of Lapo looking good I can find two to three of him looking bad. I'm just saying that whilst your opinions on "Establishment" figures wearing very conservative clothing is correct you're singling out probably one of the most conservative families in Italy for your examples. The demographic who make up the "Establishment" in Italy has changed incredibly since the days of Agnelli, and as such, your view that all "Establishment" figures...
New Posts  All Forums: