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Technically they work, yes. Tan looks better with off white or white though.
Looks alright if a tiny tiny bit too short. Needs a bit of work on the back.
Don't buy a suit with black trim (as a general rule anyway) as then it will look out of place at any non-evening event in the future and will be practically useless.
Depends on their intended usage. For me a full brogue is more versatile as you can wear it casually, too, unlike a cap toe.
No belt (have the belt loops removed) and black shoes and you're onto something.
+1 let's keep it going guys. B&S needs all the help it can get!
I think if you haven't bought it yet, a more versatile suit would be desirable.
Just a standard camp collar, lots of makers produce a shirt like that.
Worth a re-quote!
You can practically wear any dress shirt without a tie. Extreme cutaways are a bit harder to get away with casually, however, as are contrast collar shirts - but it can be done.
New Posts  All Forums: