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To be fair though, they're not CBD now are they? Maybe with the trousers covering the top they'd be considered conservative but tastes have moved on considerably and quite a few eyebrows would be raised if you wore those to work.Basically by your analogy you're saying a Bowler hat is still CBD if I wore it because it was once the very epitome of CBD. The reason why a Balmoral can never fully be CBD today is because they are an anachronism, like a bowler hat, or wearing...
Must be fun to shout when she goes missing.
I am watching this very closely, great work so far. I may submit one tomorrow myself.
Not really a name for the overcheck then. Once you get bogged down naming tweed patterns it's all semantics anyway.
The best ones I've had have been lined with cotton sparingly to above the knee. Anything heavier just defeats the purpose of linen.
Lovat? What fabric are you on about?
Yeah, mate. Good work.
You've certainly come a long way from when you joined.
But quite overpriced!
I really wouldn't bother with the MTM shirts. TM Lewin fabric?! Are you meant to be impressed by that? What a tremendous waste of time and money that would be. There are RTW shirt brands out there, with a slim enough fit and much better fabric that would fit you immediately, without the need for alterations - you just have to know what you're looking for. It sounds to me like you seriously need to lurk a lot more here before you go splashing £1500 on clothes to be...
New Posts  All Forums: