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Shame no pictures of Hackett as of yet - usually the best dressed man at the show. Always simple and elegant.
It's probably closer to jacketing cloth but of course it could be made up as a suit too. Depends entirely on the detailing, however.
Excellent first post.
Very nice.Can't say the pocket handkerchief and its motifs are "romantic" though...more like a complete "Up yours" to Lord Hamilton.
I think the general consensus is that whilst the overall quality is still very high end, costs had to be cut somehow or other and as such modern items may not have as much detailing (be that in choice of buttons, handwork, cloth used etc).
Looks fantastic. Odd there isn't any hand detailing on the inner lining.
I honestly don't think they are Incotex. They would have the typical care label and other Incotex features which these certainly do not. Things like the belt buckle tag on the front and inner closure are used by practically every Italian RTW trouser make these days so are no longer the "give away".Also I've never seen anything made for Zegna at their Italian factory.
Linen is your friend if you absolutely must wear a suit, otherwise expect to be seriously uncomfortable.
Current season Sartorio is still spectacular...don't know why on earth you would say it isn't.
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