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Cheers. I've seen a few of those in my local...will try.
Are you confusing hand canvassing / fused construction for stitches?
Doesn't look like Dark Oak to me.
Name a few whites?
He's let the side down with a belt, however.
Personally I don't think so. As long as it wasn't anything extreme like Sciamat it'd be fine...even then I like the Sciamat style and still think it'd be fine. Strong shoulders as a look is heavily misunderstood / 'not the party line' on this forum in my opinion.
Cocaine is a colour?
I'd say the "casual" aspect of the suit would rely mainly on cut and detail, particularly the pockets, rather than just the shoulders.
B&S really needs more Mods...so much stuff posted in wrong categories clogging the place up.
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