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If there is something you want in a different size - PM me. For sale we have lots of pairs of Incotex trousers.They are one of the most highly regarded RTW trousers on the market and all have a flat front modern, slim fit. Size 46: [[SPOILER]] Size 48: [[SPOILER]] Size 50: [[SPOILER]] SOLD [[SPOILER]]
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A few new shirts. Really impressed with the fabric and amount of handwork on this shirt by Oscar Marangon, a small shop nearby in Treviso. As far as I'm concerned the quality really is second only to Kiton.
Due to the advertising in the right side of styleforum, the pictures come up smaller than they are - if you wish to see a shirt in a bigger picture please copy and paste the address into a new window!All shirts are posted in a box, with tracking.For those of you unfamiliar with details of Vincenzo di Ruggiero:Handsewn buttonholesMOP buttons w/ crows feet stitchingFront placket hand stitchedShoulder placket hand stitchedCollar hand attachedSleeves hand attached [[SPOILER]]...
I think it is due to the suppression. The tailor has heavily suppressed the waist (arguably too much hence the horizontal folds across the waist) yet not compensated for this across the back and shoulders blades. Hence why it looks more like a Norfolk jacket than a suit jacket from the rear as there's folds of fabric bunched up on the side of the shoulder blades. A lot of people see a tightly nipped waist as the pinnacle of British style tailoring yet it really can throw...
+1. Hard to critique because I doubt you always stand like that... Anyway, the front looks clean yet the back looks very unclean possibly due to too much waist suppression and the trousers appear to be warping inwards again due to too much suppression.
Was it invented 100 years ago? No it's not dead.
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