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Peal & Co?
Borrelli finally off then? Would be a shame...
Best way would be to have it cleaned as moths etc. are attracted to dirt. Some people like to put them in suit bags and some don't. Make sure you get it out every now and then and give it a once over.
I would avoid Brooks Brothers to be honest. I think Italian makers offer much more for the money than English shirt makers; in construction, fit and fabric.
Very, very classic.
Also, FYI, there is no "Mantovan" style of tailoring and Caruso is from Parma.
Let's just say it is the most widely available for suiting and is obviously good quality, although whether it is a benchmark, I wouldn't be so sure. Many many salesmen have been trained to wax lyrical about it, however.Loro Piana do have their own label, yes, but be prepared to spend perhaps $3,000-5,000Many people see the Loro Piana fabric label in a jacket and misleadingly advertise it as Loro Piana...actual Loro Piana clothing is very rare as they only moved from...
One will likely be made by Corneliani (PRL) and the other by Caruso (RLBL).RLBL has always retailed higher than than PRL even though the quality is rather similar. The fit and style between the two also varies considerably with RLBL being much more modern and slim fit than PRL which is more classically orientated.
Could have done with a more summery tie then?
Great stuff, David.
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