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Everything doesn't need to match, mate. A light blue shirt up top would look great depending on your belt choice.
The ones you see listed are still available - have sent you a personal message.
The last isn't too great, but they're not the worst shoes I've ever seen on here.
Looks excellent, mate!
For sale is a pair of very lightly used Sidi Wires. They are the Air version, and I bought those because most people say the normal Wires can wear a little hot in the summer. They've been used very little (less than a month) and I'm selling because they're just not for my feet unfortunately. There is a slight scrape on the side of one of the shoes as well as just a bit on the top retention buckle. A few other marks that can be expected. However, you can see from the...
Should be fine...can't really say without seeing a picture...but they should be fine. I've washed my Borrelli cotton chinos in the machine before.
Completely depends on the fabric.
Great work, guys.
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