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You've certainly come a long way from when you joined.
But quite overpriced!
I really wouldn't bother with the MTM shirts. TM Lewin fabric?! Are you meant to be impressed by that? What a tremendous waste of time and money that would be. There are RTW shirt brands out there, with a slim enough fit and much better fabric that would fit you immediately, without the need for alterations - you just have to know what you're looking for. It sounds to me like you seriously need to lurk a lot more here before you go splashing £1500 on clothes to be...
It's very much a love it or hate it sort of thing. I could only ever see myself commissioning something in that fabric if I'd completely run out of all ideas menswear wise.
If it's summer, especially a wedding, choose something a bit more colourful and in more of a summer fabric?
Don't pick any of those - pick something you can wear in the future with anything - dark navy or black.
+1. The only person who should technically see them is yourself, but if you like them then go for it. I'm a slight build too and wear Thurston with suits, and they are a little overwhelming, however keeping your jacket on at all times is the best idea otherwise you begin to look a bit like Patrick Bateman.There isn't a relevant suit colour either for the buckles...I'd choose the one that matches your watch colour, or perhaps the buckles on the back of your cummerbund -...
I, amongst others, have come up with many excellent suggestions but as far as I'm aware they're falling on deaf ears because no-one gives a damn about B&S anymore; it's all affiliate affiliate affiliate.
You've got to head up into Soho really to get decent pubs in central and I say that as an ex-resident of Westminster. Depends what you're after, really, you can tell me in a PM. Looking at your list: The Golden Hind is also somewhat underwhelming and particularly out of the way...if you mean the boat I don't know of any pub with that name? The Hawksmoor make one of the best Sunday lunches I've had in London, and very cheaply too, so best to go to that and save yourself...
New Posts  All Forums: