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I think it'd be fine with cream chinos chinos and a light blue shirt in a very summery sense. Or layered under darker colours for a spot of colour - why not?
Do lots of interval training. Also, never waste a workout. When out vary your cadence in the gears often to mix up the work your legs are doing. So do three minutes in 50 x 12 or whatever it is you have on your compact and then spin at 110+ cadence in an easier gear for three minutes.Honestly there really is no way you can train for climbing hills or mountains without doing it there...it's a mental thing as much as anything as you need to condition yourself to know there's...
Quite a few London establishments provide extra trousers with their suits - Ede & Ravenscroft for example.
Off white trousers / khaki chinos and a blue blazer is about as formal as you can get in the semi-formal spectrum. Think MCC members at Lord's for the cricket or tennis at Wimbledon, Members enclosure at Henley Royal Regatta etc. - there's absolutely no chance it won't look right, especially in the relaxed settings of a beach. Whilst classic it can look both formal and stylish if done well and with the right fitting clothes. Depends on the overall look you're going for...
White bucks probably would look a little odd with grey trousers. Have you considered off white trousers or cream or even khaki? A cotton / linen mix would keep a crease but wear light as would good quality linen.
They're very very old and worn - doubt they'll sell for that much.
Due to the advertising in the right side of styleforum, the pictures come up smaller than they are - if you wish to see a shirt in a bigger picture please copy and paste the address into a new window!All shirts are posted in a box, with tracking.Please - no time wasters.Size 39 / 15.5:4. Borrelli £59 + shipping. Size 39.Size 40 / 15.75:7. Borrelli - £59+ shipping. Size 40.Shoulders: 48.5cm / 19 inchesChest: 57cm / 22.4 inchesSize 44 / 17.5:13. Borrelli - £69 + shipping. ...
Old Cantarelli, yah.
Borrelli is one of the best, do enjoy it!
Hang it up and steam it - I don't really know what you were doing ironing a tie!
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