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Oh dear, "Put this On". Do we need to put up this with dilettante (PTO) much longer?
To be fair you choose your institution based on its merit. Perhaps the iGent chooses it on the collegiate tie? Nothing wrong with the colours of Princeton.
Prince Charles is the Colonel-in-Chief of a great deal of regiments. Therefore, he is entitled to wear their uniform or regimental tie if he so wishes. Much in the same way Prince William wore the dress uniform of a Colonel of the Irish Guards at his wedding, even though he has never served with that regiment he is their Colonel-in-Chief etc. etc.
Tell this to the old boys in and around St. James's, London, every day. If you're wearing a striped tie, get ready to be asked what institution it is unless it is a well known one (Household Div., Royal Navy, Eton, Harrow, MCC etc.). The gentlemen (of all ages, young or old, retired and serving) in the Cavalry & Guards club, for example, wear theirs religiously and I stick to my College tie when I'm there out of respect and tradition. I would never dream of wearing a tie...
I think you look great, Greg. No belt next time though please / remove the belt loops.
Lino is and always has been uncouth to be fair. Pitti is his biggest PR event so he's unlikely to tone it down.
Shame no pictures of Hackett as of yet - usually the best dressed man at the show. Always simple and elegant.
It's probably closer to jacketing cloth but of course it could be made up as a suit too. Depends entirely on the detailing, however.
Excellent first post.
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