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Very nice, Ed.
I think they're a great brand - not given enough recognition here.
I never think DB with an open shirt collar works, even with overcoats. Time and time again I rather keep my tie on in the bar/pub/restaurant than take it off after work...or look in the mirror after putting an overcoat on and go back to get a scarf.
I don't think it is very tasteful, personally. The belt isn't very nice, his shirt collar is too big, and the patterns are overall far too loud.
Did someone say CBD?
Don't wear a belt with your suit if you're getting married. For shoes you should probably be looking at something like Loake 1880's range or Alfred Sargent. C&J are nice but considerably pricey these days.
We need another SW&D does MC vice versa challenge.
AM were Church's for a very long time. Those look like Church's to me.
This thread has gone rapidly downhill.
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