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Problem is not enough EU>Far East mods (GMT+1-7). I offered myself, didn't hear anything back.
Having once sold an Attolini jacket in this exact cloth I can attest to its quality!
Great look although something weird going on with the chest...too tight?
Suede loafers can be counted here as well. I wear practically all formal clothing these days with suede shoes, you look quite out of place in black oxfords here unless it is the evening / Milan. As someone mentioned, Italians really are masters at this look. I don't think you'd get away with it at all in a city like London with a business suit.
If you're always going to feel uncomfortable in them then yes do sell them.
Very good!
Stick to Derek Rose...
Truzzi, Vincenzo di Ruggiero, Barba (white label), G. Inglese, Sartoria Partenopea...several more but less esteemed in my opinion.
Better to ask SW&D on that one, no?
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