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Yes, correct. As far as I recall C&J trees are not lasted, but it may be a different story for their hand grade line.
They may stretch the shoe width wise and also in the vamp which is obviously not desirable. I personally use generic trees for anything up to Crockett & Jones in quality,and lasted specific trees by the manufacturer for all shoes of better quality (Edward Green, G&G, Cleverley etc.)
Lasted shoe trees really are fantastic in my experience, but not entirely necessary. If you can afford G&G shoes though, you should probably get them.
Search the marketplace here.
Me neither.
Is there another option?
There seems to be something of a lack of GMT+1-3 mods to be fair. TBH I'd do it if someone asked.
There's basically one Brooks Brothers shop in London / the UK, where the prices are basically the same as the USA except in GBP and variety extremely limited. The prices you Americans get on Brooks Brothers make a lot more sense, especially on sale.
The quality to price ratio of British low to mid tier makers is terrible at best. Brooks Brothers is massively overpriced in the UK and the fit is made for the American market, which means it is rather "generous".I would advise wholeheartedly to search B&S for Italian stuff which not only offers a more modern slim fit but better fabrics and more construction details like hand stitching etc.For shirts look for Finamore, Barba, Truzzi etc. which you should be able to find...
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