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They used to be all the rage on this forum once, around the height of PhatGuido's fame. Here's a particularly nice pair I once sold by G&G for Stephen Kempson:
Yes, correct. As far as I recall C&J trees are not lasted, but it may be a different story for their hand grade line.
They may stretch the shoe width wise and also in the vamp which is obviously not desirable. I personally use generic trees for anything up to Crockett & Jones in quality,and lasted specific trees by the manufacturer for all shoes of better quality (Edward Green, G&G, Cleverley etc.)
Lasted shoe trees really are fantastic in my experience, but not entirely necessary. If you can afford G&G shoes though, you should probably get them.
Search the marketplace here.
Me neither.
Is there another option?
There seems to be something of a lack of GMT+1-3 mods to be fair. TBH I'd do it if someone asked.
There's basically one Brooks Brothers shop in London / the UK, where the prices are basically the same as the USA except in GBP and variety extremely limited. The prices you Americans get on Brooks Brothers make a lot more sense, especially on sale.
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