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The cloth appears almost exactly the same in the two.
You do risk looking like someone from the Matrix with that colour, however.
There are many better options for knitwear than ASOS to be honest.
Technically you probably shouldn't wear contrasting colours but it would be very rare for people to notice and/or to care. A solution is to buy braces with coloured cloth instead of leather for the attachments. Your braces should be hidden at all times anyway, you're right. Please no Patrick Bateman / Gordon Gekko impersonations!
Anything but Dainite. I slip all the time in Dainite...no traction whatsoever.
No, please don't!
+1. I agree with Alex.
Interesting take on the Galway
Just get some Saphir...it's the best in my experience and lots of lots of different shades are available.
Both will be fine after minor alterations.
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