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The most versatile shoe after black oxfords is probably a chukka boot in suede or a pair of loafers to be honest. A pair of dark brown brogues is also very versatile but maybe not for someone in high school.
Maybe, maybe...there's zero competition on eBay for evening shoes. I once picked up a pair of new Church's for £40.
Best left for winter, really. Then with darker tweeds and flannel.
Sorry but these shoes are awful and I'm sure every other Senior member on here will agree with me...don't waste your money honestly!Patent evening shoes can be found very cheaply on eBay these days as hardly anybody wears them anymore. Search for Church's, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green etc. etc.
White shirt, black silk knit and black shoes.Light blue shirt, practically any colour tie and suede shoes / dark dark brown.Basically just try stay formal enough not to have the "Our man in Havana" sort of louche look.Remove the belt loops, you shouldn't wear a belt with a suit. Also don't match your pocket square to either your shirt or your tie!
For the most part I think the majority of these looks, whilst bang on trend right now (and I'm not denying I also dress like this), are akin almost to the 90s Armani approach on menswear and will date accordingly. There is no doubt that whilst brands such as P. Johnson, Eidos Napoli and for a very small part NMWA/The Armoury firmly fall into the classic menswear side they are still very much "#Menswear" and lean more towards passing trend than classic. People like Righi,...
Seersucker, from what I gather, transcends that casual/formal barrier in the States so I can see that.
Wouldn't quite agree with that part.
The horror...the horror.
It's a look I tried again and again and never felt comfortable with it so switched out for another tie. Grey with a grey suit however works very well I think, as long as a contrasting texture.
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