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Surely it'd be cheaper and easier to have one made by a tailor? All you need is the fur and then to measure out where the loops will go when it is cut to size.
Caruso, Tagilatore, Sartoria Partenopea, Lardini, Cantarelli etc etc are your friends in this regard.
The vast majority of EG in Italy is F width yes.
Very nice!
Very nice indeed.
Suede chukkas +1.
It's a bonnet / tam o'shanter.
I'd say veering on TTS for wordings to be honest. Although their knitwear and shirtings etc. are very very generous their tailoring is usually pretty close to the mark.
Have they stopped doing this? The man in the shop on Jermyn St. was adamant their trees weren't lasted. I know they can be because I own a few myself. Anyway, I didn't force the issue.
C&J, AS, EG to name a few...
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