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Does seem a little odd to focus on non- bespoke from Savile Row. A&S have probably the biggest offerings RTW wise aside from Gieves.
Not too hot for that outfit now? I can't even wear a linen jacket in Venice.
Excellent service, as people have mentioned, Razl.
“It was tied with a Windsor knot. Bond mistrusted anyone who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad.” JB disagrees with you.
They fit like a tent...
Sorry, but how are we meant to comment when we can't even see how dark it actually is according to you? The TM Lewin pictures present a pretty standard navy suit.
Clearly not the same shoe...
Tell me about it.
They're a pretty standard (if poor quality looking) jodhpur boot.
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