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I'd say veering on TTS for wordings to be honest. Although their knitwear and shirtings etc. are very very generous their tailoring is usually pretty close to the mark.
Have they stopped doing this? The man in the shop on Jermyn St. was adamant their trees weren't lasted. I know they can be because I own a few myself. Anyway, I didn't force the issue.
C&J, AS, EG to name a few...
Why not just call the shop?
It seems to be about the right size for layering things underneath. As with most things it depends on the look that you're going for but Barbour is hardly the most fashion forward of brands so that fit seems right.
I'd probably go with the same size too although basing your opinions solely on the 202 would be a little unwise.
Odd choice from C&J...
What a find!
Consensus is to size up at least 0.5 on the combat boots. My turn now, Chelseas fit TTS or? I'm a solid 9UK in brands such as C&J, Edward Green, Tricker's etc.
Just picked up a pair of these myself in dark oak. Great casual loafer.
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