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+1 on Oxblood Trucker.
My eBay handle is phxdrmmr for reference - since this would be my first transaction here.  I can also direct you to another forum where I do a lot of buying and selling should you need additional reassurance.  I communicate frequently and ship quickly.  Thanks!
Too big for me.    PIT TO PIT: 21" SHOULDER TO SHOULDER 16" BACK NECK TO HEM: 21.50"   $65 shipped CONUSA.  Paypal preferred. Contact me for international shipping price.
Would like a straight up trade.  I took everyone and their grandma's advice to size up, but it turns out I straddle M/L these days and would be fine with a Large.  Hopefully someone out there did the opposite.  It doesn't fit so poorly that I want to offload, just looking to go slimmer.   My eBay handle is phxdrmmr and I frequently buy/sell on another forum if you would like references.  I can send pics if you have the Large - condition is VG to EX.  Gently worn...
I went to Levi's site today just to see what they were offering nowadays on their higher end stock... and I see they added LMC to the site.  I'll be darned.
Received my BlueXBlack over the weekend.  First pair of Gustins.  Wearing them now (denim is biz-appropriate in Denver).  Size 34 Slim.   Here's what I measured BiG style prior to wearing: Waist: 33 (yup) Thigh: 23 Knee: 16.75 Hem: 15 Front Rise: 10.5 Back Rise: 14   For reference, over the past 2 years I've been wearing LVC 47 and 54 (33W 34L), LMC Tack Slims (4 pairs, 33 or 34W with 34L) with some other random denim in there (Levi's Hesher and 511, Simon Spurr...
I'd be all over the jacket if I didn't have a Filson Westlake that I wear whenever possible to justify the price.  If you line these in the future, I may jump and then swap out.  The Westlake is very roomy (and I downsized) and has way more pockets than I need.   Nice work!
Holy smokes - I think I backed the last pair of BlueXBlack.  Procrastinators unite... eventually.
I'm determined to make those my first pair... So I'll keep watching. Impulses be damned!
Got smoked on the BlueXBlack. Thought I was refreshing the site fast enough... Doh! How long were they up?
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