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Does anybody have experience with using a third-party shipping company to ship from the US to Canada? If so, what company would you recommend? Thanks.
i dont recall posting anything in should/shouldnt and i don't know what RP refers to
anyways I'll just drop it.   Does anybody know about Salvatore Ferragamo footwear sizing?
i never asked why people think they are attractive i asked why people think they are cool, which also refers to the idea that spending $160 or whatever for shoes with a logo on them is something that enhances your image.
r u kidding? there's plenty of people who wear ralph lauren polos or gucci belts or whatever else who are well over the age of 18. and it's "unethical" to not want to pay to wear an advertisement for a brand? i'd say it's more unethical to use child slave labour and even continue using it after you've been caught doing it but u kno i have the intelligence of a 4th grader so what do i know
they just look like a shoe version of this imo:
lol wut, i'm full of myself because i don't want to wear ugly brands of clothing/shoes that people wear to show their social status?
I actually dislike Nike as a company for their unethical practices and I think paying to wear a logo is stupid so maybe I'd hate them less if they were a no-logo brand.
Just because they look different doesn't mean they look good. I think I would understand the hype if they were attractive, unlike other Nikes and most athletic footwear in general. I can understand the tech-side of it if you are a runner but people are making comments like "they go with basically any outfit" when it just seems to me like they don't.   A collab with Missoni is actually a pretty cool idea. They should do that and not put that stupid fucking swoosh on them.
Clearly. I just don't understand why there's so much hype about them, they get sold out quickly, etc.   Also, does anybody know about sizing on Salvatore Ferregamo shoes, and how the quality is on them? Thanks.
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