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Congratulations, EZ, and I'm with Barrel in looking forward to your many successes. Randy
LOL, I had thought it was a fringe song by some talented, albeit relatively unknown, Seattle rapper. Irrespective of the folks who posted it here for the past few months as if we'd not yet seen it, I was just frankly shocked to hear that the damned song now sits atop the Billboard USA charts at #1. Now that is fucking awesome.
Holy crap! Guess what's at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100... LINK    
  Strange synchronicity. I picked up a Hudson's Bay jacket just like yours recently as well!      
  For whatever reason I was perusing sig links and came across Fueco's blog. Totally recommended. Unlike most blogs, this one's both well-written and informative — from carbon dating Harris Tweed labels to why Pendleton shirts are a joy to the psychology of why we thrift, et. al. Entirely worthy of a permanent bookmark imho.
  Oh, sorry, dude! We usually prepare the following welcome spread for each and every new member. Here you go:    
  Fig. 1:  
Take time to smell the fonts, Dig, yolo. 
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