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  But they don't. This is a corner of a forum in a corner of a search engine in a corner of the internet. The three corner rule protects us.
  Great and memorable advice, well said. Even so, my experience demonstrates that you can build up a terrifically nice wardrobe of relatively high end (or even just high end) staples through a combination of thrifting, buying or trading with others from this thread (both at a distance and locally), and eBay.
  Me too. Unfortunately I have a really hard time with this sort of thing, especially if the scenario also involves pain, the experience of which always confirms my status as a weenie. Was in Lowe's this week buying a few bags of ice melt. While exiting, I suddenly felt a very sharp knock to the back of my right ankle. As pain wave #1 struck, I turned around to face an 80 year old man, also with a cart, who shot me his foulest who-you-looking-at expression. And then, as...
  You sound bothered to me, bro.
^^^ Two fine fits, Chet, Hans.
  True, but there's also the "working smarter" entrepreneurial type who's set the money in motion and now has too much time on his hands.
Of course if he thrifted (or at least bought stuff from Spoo, et. al.), he could rock his Kiton and reserve the $1.3m simultaneously.
^^^ Holy cow, that horse blanket coat is incredible! Alas, it's a size or two too small for me.
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