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  Was that "fuck off" because he disagreed with you about J. Crew?
Extremely helpful, thank you.
  Sorry, brother, I don't know Pittsburgh, but if you ever get to Minnesota you'll want to pick up a copy of this:  
+1 on the positive Z Zegna comments. Zegna's "diffusion" line is head and shoulders above those of others. In fact, I wouldn't quite term Z Zegna "diffusion" so much as a "secondary" line. In that regard, the comparison to "Chaps" wasn't correct at all, imo. I'd say something like this instead: "Ermenegildo Zegna is to Z Zegna what Isaia is to Gianluca." Even though Isaia craps all over Zegna, the logical statement holds, I think.
The Paulo Avanti you're looking for.  
grendel, sparrow, FaceOfBoh, Klobber, eazye: Appreciate the feedback re pleats.   Such unanimity [is rare and] certainly expands my understanding.   Thanks!
Question... Have pleated pants gone completely out of style? Yes, yes, I realize "out of style" belies a paranoid, albeit ultimately futile, interest in groupthink. And, yes, the previous sentence is an obvious embarrassment as well. Or should one wear pleated pants now only within certain circumstances? Or, perhaps, one can still wear them authoritatively in every setting? I'm interested in hearing thoughts regarding PLEATS as this will likely influence my personal...
I guess I woke up with a bee in my ass. < vent_on > Let me VENT. So often here, somebody types something like this, "It's a Brioni, but, damn, it's unvented." In Italy, "vented" often means "too poor to afford a tailor, so I bought it with built-in flexibility." Some the very best stuff in the world is unvented.  < /vent_off >
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