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  Much appreciated, understood. Talented branding group, big exposure, limited availability. More power to them.
  Probably because I'm age >50 now, but I just didn't get this -- a t-shirt? So I Googled "BAPE," looked at their site, and found out this puppy retails for $100+. Holy crap! For me (and, again, maybe this is a generational thing), it begs a question, and I mean absolutely no disrespect, but that question is: What about this simple white t-shirt and design makes it a woo-worthy $100 item? Will dodge tomatoes, just want to wipe away some of this incredulity and mystery I'm...
I'm wondering if it's an old medical lab jacket.
sorry duplicate post
Very sharp.  
Forum suggestion (if I may be bold at this early point)... As I lurk for buying possibilities here this morning, I tried to catch up with leaving feedback. I've transacted with three other forum members (nataku, vexco, and tben) and -- conditioned by the 'bay, I guess -- I'd like to leave positive feedback for the record. Well, I've discovered one can only do that if the seller has posted to the classifieds section rather than to this thread -- which allowed nataku and I...
There's no chance of post-church thrifting at the Mormon church-owned Goodwill-equivalent here in Utah ("Deseret Industries") because, heaven knows (and I mean that in every sense of the phrase) that these dens of charitable capitalism simply shouldn't be open for business on Sunday.   Enviously yours,   Randy
  New member, serious question. I'm noticing more than a few negative references to pleated pants... Am I correct in understanding that pleated pants should no longer be worn? Forgive the Luddite in me, but, no, I haven't been keeping up with this stuff, and clearly at my peril. Been buried in work, family, life, etc. But I am interested. If pleats are now to trousers what "groovy" has become to routine conversation, then I want to know. Unfortunately, given what I'll...
There's no "seller feedback" area I could find (so beat me if I'm blind), but I wanted to post something along those lines regardless:   Dealt with Nataku, a very nice guy, and he shipped the item like a superhero -- received in two days. I registered basically because of the item (long-term lurker) so doubly appreciated his positive assessment and willingness to transact.   Best, Randy
Great post and VERY interesting. I have often wondered about the history and provenance of all these great thrift finds, and why someone would give up an especially fine item, etc. As a reader here (finally registered recently), I've noted the occasional "thanks, dead guy" jokes, but never really gave that much serious thought. Now, I'm beginning to wonder... How much of the good stuff is essentially bequeathed to us through this channel? It's a grim thought in a...
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