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  Why the floor is sticky, Fig. 1  
Long overdue grateful shout-outs to the other SF'ers with whom I've traded/purchased with/from during the past several months. Thank yous to... ChetBakerSings, shiny, 46n2, ilikethelights, TheBurnOut, Faceofboh, highlifeman, caseyfud, Randomore, bytor13, spoopoker, mhtcjt37, tubs, yossi, jkidd41011, staxringold, capnwes, woodchuck312, Cotton Dockers, PocketCircle, Tweets, SomethingsFishy, Nataku, Digmenow, concealed, John Sullivan, and Ken P.
So, unfortunately, my own thrifting was looking a lot like this lately...     Or — even worse — this... (because "Lanvyn" is at least good for a three second grin)...     but       But then I came across this shirt in an awesome fabric that fit me!      and then these sweet handmade Antica Cuoieria shoes in my size...   Happy with the shirt and shoes! Maybe I'll muster up the courage to finally upload a fit pic. 
Isn't VLSI a mod? (His tag says "Hall Monitor" rather than "Senior Member," so I always perk up and engage in paroxysms of regretful self-evisceration whenever he pops in and asks a question.)
  Someone berated Ian. Someone else defended him. The "berator" was markedly harsh. You'll have to reread the last few pages to get the references.   Ack, so much for my advice.     And so much for everybody else's as well. :(
  A quick PM to a mod would likely get a wholesale name change to whatever suits him.
  Beautiful find. 
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