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  Much appreciated, Chet, great bargain — snagged two pairs, Fig. 2:  
Somehow I took a few weeks off from reading here, and I see I've only missed 1,045,526,981 new posts.   And during my hiatus, I read that Details Magazine proclaimed that pleated pants are back with a vengeance "for Spring/Summer 2013":   Guess those 9-pleated Zanellas won't get re-donated after all, Fig. 1:      
  Then use this one.     Btw, phenomenal haul, Ben — PM just sent re Luciano Barbera shirt.   Randy
eh, nevermind
  omg, that's what I was thinking, LOL +1
I guess I'm on a religion kick the past couple of days, but we're doing a special Oneg Shabbat this Friday night at my synagogue in honor of Cotton Dockers who FIXED ME UP with a seriously cool Brioni jacket, an amazing Luciano Barbera shirt, and a hot Canali fc shirt as well. Thank you (yet again), brother.    
  Is that like a semi-automatic skeet blanket?
  Dr. Watson, I presume? (I'd wear that awesome bit of loden.)
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