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Is this business about 100k for certain NES cartridges real? I can understand that kind of pricing for selected 1950s big crown Rolexes or some such. But NES cartridges?
Just bought three awesome items from Spoo on the bay today. :)
I've been off the board for awhile, last visit was April 3, 2013. Who can provide a summary of what I've missed during the interim?
The only problem with suing PayPal has to do with their Terms of Service fine print. In a nutshell, in exchange for the privilege of transacting using their tools, you agree that any formal dispute you have with PayPal will be facilitated through arbitration — and by an arbitrator and a venue of their choosing at that. But here's where it gets interesting: If you choose to bring a lawsuit instead of submitting to their arbitration process, you surrender your rights to...
  All very interesting!  Had no idea. Thanks, Wes and Cos! Randy
  Speaking of kits, I came across this yesterday. It's hard to believe that folks in the 1960s/70s spent time assembling this stuff, presumably for the cost savings...  
  Wait, what? I bought from you four times last year. (And thank you btw. It was all awesome!)   :-)
  Hahahahaha. :D
  Add me to the list of those who don't quite follow your discussion. Are you saying that he would be worthy of "curiosity" had he been married to a man? (Maybe only the Supreme Court could make sense of your line of inquiry.)  
  Excellent, Hans — there's a free view of this online:
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