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Thanks for the tip, been waiting for a sale on these.
I've been trying to get my belt from an order I placed in November from Eric, and I've tweeted at him and sent multiple emails over the last several months with no success (he responded once asking for the transaction ID, which I sent, but he never followed up again). This is pretty horrible customer service - anyone know of a way to actually reach him?
Mauro - If I want to get the loyalty program, a shirt, and a sweater, I assume I should first buy the program, and then get the other stuff with the promo code?
Damn, I wanted those $16 Jack Purcells. Anyway, I should note that no one should use the same password on Boylston as they do anywhere else, as it appears passwords may be stored in plaintext (i.e., if Boylston had a security breach, attackers could find your password and use it to log in to other sites).
I'm interested in 50ml of aventus.
Ah well. I'm curious, how long do you estimate shipping will be? And enjoy the holiday.
Payment cleared on the 7th.
Vibram trail oxfords in 9.5D. Yet another first time poster here.
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