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When do the mittens drop? I need to pick up the cranberry as a gift!
Definitely picking up a thermal or two and the gray trousers.
What is the length on the knickers?
Best wishes to your mom.
Trying to clear out my closet before I move in a few weeks.   Handgrade single monks in medium brown made by DC Lewis for KW.  These have been worn 2-3 times and are absolutely beautiful.  $475 + shipping retail and I'm asking $400 shipped.  Size 7.5.   More info here:         SOLD Benchgrade captoe balmorals in medium brown.  These have been worn maybe five times and so there is still tons of life left in...
Bummer...didn't know anything about it.
When can I get the sheep?!
I'll also vouch for enough room in the crotch/thighs on the chinos.  I have large thighs and have trouble with them in Epaulet's rivet chinos in addition to the tiny amount of crotch room.  WvG's fit just right.
What's the status on the grey bicycle shirts that were preordered back in late Feb/early March?
WvG has been taking a lot of my money recently!
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