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I'll also vouch for enough room in the crotch/thighs on the chinos.  I have large thighs and have trouble with them in Epaulet's rivet chinos in addition to the tiny amount of crotch room.  WvG's fit just right.
What's the status on the grey bicycle shirts that were preordered back in late Feb/early March?
WvG has been taking a lot of my money recently!
Nabbed two pair.  I'll be out of town for the next week so it'll be nice to have them waiting for me. 
I received an order yesterday and have to say the gorgonzola color in the overdyes is perfect.
Any plans for some plain navy/khaki shorts for the summer?
 It is US sizing but is not typical of US sizes imo.  I wear a 7.5 in Loake, which should be an 8US.  So I would say KW is about a size down from the US normal.
 Sorry - somehow missed this post.  I have some comparisons in the OP that may be helpful.
 Thanks, picked up 4.  Get an additional 5% cashback through shopdiscover.
 I took mine to my tailor to be hemmed and they came out perfect.
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