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 Thanks, picked up 4.  Get an additional 5% cashback through shopdiscover.
 I took mine to my tailor to be hemmed and they came out perfect.
 I also have one in the works with the 7124.  Kent suggested it when I asked for a navy fabric that would go great with a pair of khakis or a pair of jeans.
 Why not just order one of each and see which one actually fits you best?  You can return the one you don't want.
That good luck shirt looks awesome.   Hey WvG Bot - what sort of options are available for MTM suits if not in the DC area or anywhere close?  Can you send a RTW sample suit and base changes off of that fit(a la Kent Wang) or have a customer ship you a suit to take measurements from?
 Any update on this?  I don't mind waiting - just curious about the time frame.
Have the khaki florals gone out yet?  I received a shipping notification 8 days ago but the status has changed from 'electronic shipping info received.'
The code doesn't seem to be working now.
Hey all...up for sale is a pair of the benchgrade captoe balmorals in medium brown by Kent Wang.  These have been worn maybe five times and so there is still tons of life left in them.  I'm just looking to pare down my collection.  Retail is $350 and I'm asking $265 shipped.   Size 7.  For comparison I wear a 7.5 in Loake and 8 in AE.   More info here: http://www.kentwang.com/shoes/benchgrade-captoe-balmoral.html#     Shoot any questions my way.   PRICE DROPPED TO...
 -2" sleeves-1.5 to 2" body length
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