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Checked out Toronto Yorkdale Mall - still $300 for the boots. Seemed like there were plenty of 42/43 in stock.
Thanks SirGrotius and Peacoat, you both were extremely helpful.
I need some advice/assistance in making my decision for a peacoat this F/W.   My chest size is about 35inches, 5'7 and currently around 130lbs. I work out and plan on bulking up to about 140-145 during the winter. A final weight of 140 is my goal.   I am looking for a peacoat that is slim-fitting, but still able to layer a bit. Typically my layering would just consist of an undershirt, OCBD, and a wool v-neck sweater. I was looking at Sterlingwear's Authentic 34R...
Richard is a great individual. He is sincere and very helpful. His services are without question, the best proxy for Uniqlo.   I would not recommend anyone else if you are in need of a proxy. Also, the best part - he does not charge for this delightful service.   Do not hesitate to contact him.   Thanks Richard!
I am looking to buy white and blue Uniqlo OCBD's in size XS. Please post/pm with pictures, measurements and prices.   I live in Canada, thus I would prefer shipping via USPS First Class Mail International.
As the title states, I am looking for some vintage Florsheim longwings in size 8.5D. I would prefer brown shoes, but I will take burgundy/cordovan shoes into consideration as well. I am not interested in black longwings.   I would prefer them to be in at least good condition. Post/Pm me with details and pictures.
Pm sent.
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