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As you say, there are different perspectives on this.  I would encourage anyone attracted to the double monk to consider a classic single monk as an alternative.
Leave CBD suits in the office and change when you get in.  
Does anyone have any good recommendations for a mid-to-dark grey cloth for odd trousers.  Needs to be relatively durable and no more than mid-weight (to pair well with an 11 oz hopsack blazer in dark navy).  I was thinking 11 oz worsted flannel or twill.  Would be grateful for any suggestions (either from specific books for worsted flannel / twill or alternative options to consider).
Oh, whatever you do please avoid double monks.  It's such an iGent cliche, and they look fussy.  Someone once commented "leprechaun's shoes" (forget who), and the expression stuck with me.   A single monk has long been established as a classic in England (although again not to my taste).     As for loafers, one can certainly wear loafers with suits.  In the real world this happens all the time (and not just by the Dilberts of this world, Prime Minister Cameron and...
I know these are not your questions, but: 1.  That shirt is not appropriate to be worn with a tailored jacket.  You need a much more restrained check. 2.  Never pattern-match the pocket square and shirt in that way. WIth that collar (in a different shirt), a four-in-hand would work okay (and better than anything 'fatter').
I agree with what Archibald Leach said.  I would add that it is a much greater sin to wear suit trousers too low than to have a bit of overlap of tie and trouser band. And I'm not sure a slight overlap is really a problem - if the tie comes down to your crotch, that is not elegant, but otherwise one can be too precious about such things. Manton's picture is no doubt explained by camera angle, but even if not I far prefer what I have seen of Manton's wardrobe to that on...
Troll post bulls$t.
Made me think of Joey in Friends:  "Did a Porsche throw up on you?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJrkTHG29gU
+1 for Nomos - transition nicely from formal to business casual.
Harvie and Hudson bulk purchase may be a good option at that price.  I used to like Coles shirts in my youth, but the company disappeared from Jermyn Street years ago - continued by these people, but no experience with their product: http://www.whtshirtmakers.comYes, much better.No.  There is not a linear increase in durability.  A better made shirt may last longer, but you are primarily paying for something that is better quality not more durable.
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