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^ I've got a lot of respect for your posts, AL.  I'm only putting forward my own opinion as well.  I just associate grenadine with a higher level of formality and as a result struggle with the idea that it should be paired with a casual odd jacket.  Blazer and greys - one notch down from a smooth worsted lounge suit - yes.  Otherwise, not so much.  Fully concede this is because of the associations grenadine has for me, rather than any objective aesthetic quality it has.
Good advice from YRR.   But if you want recommendations:   Tie http://www.kentwang.com/ties/shepherds-check-navy.html   Pocket square - white linen from Kent Wang   Shoes - Allen Edmonds Park Avenues Black
Crossed with YRR!
No, you don't. What's the expected level of formality at the wedding? If morning dress is not required, navy suit, white shirt and shepherd's check tie with a white linen pocket square will acquit you well in traditional terms.  But impossible to comment without knowing what the occasion might involve.
Re. grenadines and odd jackets:   I would wear a grenadine with blazer and greys.  Manton, as I recall, is not keen on grenadines with odd jackets, although in one of his BlazerSuit threads he combined blazer and greys with a gunmetal grenadine to great effect:     Connery Bond also:         But I wouldn't wear grenadine with a nubbier odd jacket.  In my mind grenadine is a formal tie, and I can't square this with the casualness of an odd jacket.  Ancient...
I don't understand threads like this.   In your position, I would aim to dress in high quality business casual clothes (i.e. Mercer OCBD, tailored cotton drills or wool trousers, good shoes).  Why dress in suits if it diminishes your effectiveness in the workplace and attracts the derision of your colleagues?
Add Richard Anderson.
Nice guys, highly competent:   PINNAS AND NEEDLES Address: 51 Lexington St, London W1F 9AR Phone:020 7437 6249   Can do quick turnarounds, but would call in advance to check.
I'd avoid the contrast collar and opt for something more understated.  Navy suit, light blue shirt and navy-with-white-pindot tie?
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