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Of that list, I would go with C&tD.  Although their bespoke option is more expensive than your budget allows for, you could get a machine made suit within it.  You could also try asking them to have you measured by John deBoise (the head cutter, who apprenticed at Kilgour).  Much better chance of getting a good result - otherwise MtM is a bit of a lottery.
  Thanks for the suggestions.  I like flannel and the Moonbeam book, but I'm looking for something tougher on this occasion (it will take a beating).   I think Manton had a Blazer Suit in worsted flannel; that might be a possibility.   But I rather like the idea of having a 'serge-like' midnight navy blazer made up, to have a blazer in the most traditional configuration.
Res ipsa loquitur.
Doesn't look great on Craig.   WIll look worse on you if you < Craig.
I'm looking for a blazer cloth.  I already have blazers in fresco and hopsack, so I am looking for something with a pronounced twill (plenty of surface interest).     'Serge-like', but I understand that true serge is very heavy, hot-wearing and hard to source (although correct me if I've got the wrong end of the stick!).  I'm looking for something more in the 12-13 ounce range (or 13-14 ounces at a pinch).
I too would be interested if anyone could shed any light on from where Hilditch get their shirting.
Hilditch and Key's semi-annual sale now on - very good value (especially if you buy 6+).  http://www.hilditchandkey.co.uk
This.  And what Macallan said about work suits.  And what GBR said about this suit. Discrete workhorse work suits, in charcoals, navies and mid greys, with classical styling.  Why would one possibly forgo the opportunity to extend the life of something that could serve one well for 15+ years?
Thanks.  Will investigate.
Thank you - would really appreciate the references when you have time.
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