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Troll post bulls$t.
Made me think of Joey in Friends:  "Did a Porsche throw up on you?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJrkTHG29gU
+1 for Nomos - transition nicely from formal to business casual.
Harvie and Hudson bulk purchase may be a good option at that price.  I used to like Coles shirts in my youth, but the company disappeared from Jermyn Street years ago - continued by these people, but no experience with their product: http://www.whtshirtmakers.comYes, much better.No.  There is not a linear increase in durability.  A better made shirt may last longer, but you are primarily paying for something that is better quality not more durable.
Hilditch and Key are very good everyday shirts, at an attractive £:value.  Wait for the bi-yearly sales for significant discounts (the Summer one should start in June), taking prices down to c.£60-70 depending on quantity ordered.   Classic collar is very attractive (one of the narrowest semi-spreads in the UK).   They are traditionally cut (unless you buy the more limited slim-fit range), which is fine by me but may not appeal to SF preferences.   Vastly superior in...
Indeed, the 'wisdom' of Mr. White seemed to fit with the OP's attitude!
I see the legend in his own mind has taken down his pics.
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