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Yes, you can order Kent Wang in the UK.  You might even be able to get measured by him in person (he's now based in London).
Lots of threads on this.  Been discussed until the cows come home.  The British spin on the American discussions for banking in a traditional environment in the City would be to favour black calfskin oxfords.     Frankly you could buy two plain captoes to rotate from a modest line (Loake 1880) and no-one would bat an eyelid.  Wurger did some great reviews here:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/362365/the-quintessential-dress-shoe-black-cap-toe-oxford/0_50
Depends what you mean by swamps - lots of people wear their shirts in a much too vacuum-packed way.  This is a good thread:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/39248/how-should-a-dress-shirt-fit/0_50 - see Manton's post about adding 5" to the chest, 6" to the waist and 5" hips.
Don't know what to suggest re. shirts.   You could see whether Hilditch and Key OTR would work - the quality is very nice, but it will come down to fit.  (I prefer a much fuller cut shirt than the slim-fit nonsense you see these days.)  £59-70 in the sale (one of the two annual ones on now), so would leave some budget for alterations.   But the good shirt-makers are all going to be > £200 for bespoke usually with minimum orders.   Budd do MTM for £165.   Steed have...
Hah! Well said.
Funnily enough as I said above I was in Roderick Charles recently and had a look at jackets.  When I asked whether they were half-canvassed the salesman said they were fused and then tried to convince me this was a good thing!  I think they did used to be half-canvassed, but perhaps standards are declining.  I can see picking up a beater cotton jacket from them - I couldn't justify the expense of bespoke on cotton.  I do quite like their chinos. As regards blazers, I see...
C&tD are half-canvassed machine made; fully canvassed when bespoke. Re. jacket (sensu stricto, coat) length, many people wear their jackets much too short (Thom Brown fashion forward shrunken suit look).  I'm 5'9" and when wearing OTR found short sizes too short.  The key principle is that the coat should cover your backside.  I went into Roderick Charles recently (they do great chinos - preferable to Cordings:  Cordings insist on a button fly and RC provide a zip fly!)....
I really would suggest you dig out the extra £80.   A decent blazer in a solid wool 13 ounce can take a beating and last a lifetime.  I have one going strong that was worn heavily for ten years and infrequently for another ten.  Still there.  If you can find the funds and invest in a hardy Huddersfield cloth, this really will pay dividends over time. Alternatively try E&R OTR in the sales.  They produce a good, traditional, hardy product (although have lilted a little...
 At 5'9", I don't do DB - my wardrobe is similar in style if not quality to the Duke of Edinburgh (all single breasted 2B, although only jetted pockets with City suits). What do you like by way of blazer-ish odd jackets?
Good to see you posting again! I like my blazers, but I have been won over by the heretical BlazerSuit with its brown horn buttons.  Would never of course wear as CBD in the UK.
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