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This.  The killer is the jacket length tho' and there's no way to fix that.  Sorry to say, but unwearable.
Troll / shill - he's flogging these cr@p 'blazers'.
No branch, but Kent is based in London now.  An exceptionally helpful guy.
Of that list, I would go with C&tD.  Although their bespoke option is more expensive than your budget allows for, you could get a machine made suit within it.  You could also try asking them to have you measured by John deBoise (the head cutter, who apprenticed at Kilgour).  Much better chance of getting a good result - otherwise MtM is a bit of a lottery.
  Thanks for the suggestions.  I like flannel and the Moonbeam book, but I'm looking for something tougher on this occasion (it will take a beating).   I think Manton had a Blazer Suit in worsted flannel; that might be a possibility.   But I rather like the idea of having a 'serge-like' midnight navy blazer made up, to have a blazer in the most traditional configuration.
Res ipsa loquitur.
Doesn't look great on Craig.   WIll look worse on you if you < Craig.
I'm looking for a blazer cloth.  I already have blazers in fresco and hopsack, so I am looking for something with a pronounced twill (plenty of surface interest).     'Serge-like', but I understand that true serge is very heavy, hot-wearing and hard to source (although correct me if I've got the wrong end of the stick!).  I'm looking for something more in the 12-13 ounce range (or 13-14 ounces at a pinch).
I too would be interested if anyone could shed any light on from where Hilditch get their shirting.
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