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Hmmm … your fourth post.
The late Alan Clark MP:     Mrs Thatcher: "You eat meat don't you?" Alan Clark: "No, I do not, prime minister." Mrs Thatcher: "Well, you wear leather shoes, don't you?" Alan Clark: "I am sure, prime minister, you would not wish to see your ministers walking around in plastic footwear."
Brown suit =/= CBD.     No tie can change this.
I agree with what has been said above about good fit, good quality, etc.   The security guard quips always amuse me.  I actually rarely see security guards wearing blazer and greys in the UK.  Usually 'smart' security guards are dressed in poorly fitting suits (mid-light grey in both the places I most recently visited).   You mentioned you were looking for a UK perspective.  I would add that the blazer has traditionally been worn in very specific social / sporting...
Thanks - I was endeavouring to express my utter horror at the idea in a deadpan way which may not have translated well on the interwebz.  Anyway, an utterly impossible restriction for me.  Time to necro-bump In Praise of Navy ….
What is "no blue".  I see letters on the page, but I do not understand the language.     Seriously, well done chaps - upr was my favourite.
Good to know it's still in the mix (as I recall there was never full OneShoe monogamy!).
Fresco trousers:
  I liked the OneShoe concept.
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