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Thanks for bumping this - would otherwise have missed a great thread! Love emptym's OneBoot, also like his OneShoe.
Manton's BlazerSuit is exceptionally versatile.  Non-viable with brass buttons - use brown horn.   Don't wear navy trousers with a grey jacket.  Smooth worsted wool can just about work as a navy blazer (although there are better options, e.g. hopsack, fresco, heavy twill to replicate a serge).  But a grey odd jacket should be non-worsted - textured, ideally with variegation.     Also search for Vox's Swiss Army Suit thread (navy fresco suit with swappable buttons,...
I can't comment on Scabal, but if you use C&tD do ask for John deBoise.  He is the proper Savile Row trained cutter.   Try not to be put off by the trendy vibe.  Know exactly what you want - they don't have a particular house style, but will probably produce something slightly more contemporary if you do not direct them.  I am very conservative in my tastes, knew exactly what I wanted, directed them appropriately and got precisely what I wanted.  It is a good well-made...
This. Ask for deBoise.  Explain the time constraints very clearly - this will not be a normal turnaround time.
+1. Far more practical to be honest to have a slim briefcase for key papers, notebook, all the normal daily stuff and a black nylon wheeled case for heavy papers, etc.  Or, for the Royal Courts of Justice (London), have the clerks arrange for papers to be taken down in advance of the hearing. Great bag, tho'.
Do not wear a black tie to a  wedding.
why did Flyswatter get swatted?
This is my general policy.  And it is a sound one at that.
Serious necro-bump. Do you wear black longwings to the beach? And how can you be "110%" of anything?  Typical managerial newspeak. 
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