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 M&A is okay, tho'.
 I was always interested to ask for your take on Will's 'four items a year' replacement rate comment?   Seemed on the high side to me (even discounting for the fact that I'm not in the office five days a week, and weekend wear involves tailored jackets some but not all of the time).
 Thanks - that was the quote!  I'd forgotten what he said about loafers, but I think he's clearly expressing an opinion there rather than a rule.  
Blazer and greys are a good option for informal evening wear.  I have a distant recollection of Manton saying that this was the only (or one of the few) odd jacket combinations appropriate for black shoes, although I think he stipulated non-oxford.   I think this is one of the occasions where black slip-ons have much to commend them (heretical as some may find this).  The informality of the slip-on matches the informality of the blazer.  The black colour and sleekness of...
The Connery Bond look was what I had in mind, actually, when saying as close as possible.   This is a close up of what I meant by sufficiently different: slate grenadine against navy worsted (with very pale blue narrow bengal reducing to solid at a few feet away):  
Or a troll of the first order.
Sorry to have missed this thread.   What would people say are the parameters for 'navy on navy' working well?   Mine:   Shade as close as possible or sufficiently different (not 'similar'). High contrast with shirt (if not white, then very pale blue or pale blue / white bengal). Textural contrast advisable.   Manton getting it* right:     *EDIT: typo corrected.
 That's right. There are two Herring lines by AS:  some of the Herring Premiers (the lower priced ones, not at Exclusive level); Herring 1966 (which I assume are to Exclusive level, although none of the designs appeal to me).
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