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I was in transit today and decided to kill some time in a rather upmarket wine bar. Kid was running around the place with a toy hammer, squealing and screaming like a whirling dervish and hitting random objects with said hammer. Parents beamed on in the glow of breaders enjoying the chaos wrought by their diminutive horrors. Makes one think favourably about eugenics.   The little ***k was really going John Henry:  
SG, seriously impressive woodwork. (cue juvenile jokes)   I'm slowly reading through this fascinating thread - this is a hobby right? 
Thanks.  Any pointers in a similar aesthetic?  (In terms of the context, room Pawson-esque with Hans Wegner cigar sofa and chair.)
Thoughts:   1:     2:     Better pictures of 2:
Herring are excellent - the Herring branded shoes are made by various different (primarily English) makers, so try to find out which you are buying.   In terms of price : quality, you would struggle to find better than a range produced by Loake  called '1880' (these are the high-end Loakes in calf-leather and retail full price for about £200).   Ensure you have enough pairs so you can give each pair a day of rest following use and please use shoe trees.
Go directly to jail.  Do not pass go/  Do not collect £200.
Personally I welcome the bump of this excellent thread, primarily for posts of GusW, PatrickBOOTH and unbelragazzo.  Some splendid suggestions, in very different ways, for 10 essentials.
Helpful context.  Can you cultivate an 'American academic' look, perhaps navy blazers, and herringbone jackets over grey trousers? Light suits are trickier to get right - a cream or off-white suit can look lovely or awful depending on the exact shade.  A soft light grey with a nubby cloth and an overcheck can be lovely; a flat plain worsted light grey not so much. I'm not trying to cause offence, but the black suit is not going to get much love here.
[accidental double post deleted]
Worth searching for similar threads.   A few pointers with the caveat I know little about Japan specifically.   Mid-grey flannel trousers are a classic combination with a navy blazer and work with most sports jackets.   Don't wear suit jackets as sports jackets, especially the grey suit.   I can't picture a black suit with a checkered design.  Sounds bad.  Japan ironically is one of the places where I understand it would be entirely conventional to wear a plain...
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