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What's the quality of the light with the IC?    'Harsh white' or 'warmer'?     (I like the design.  Just wondering whether in real life it is as 'stark' as it appears in the pictures.)
That's splendid. Does the IC look a little too 'industrial'?  There's a warmth in the Hase you posted that is rather appealing?
Based on the cr@p that is dealt to you in this thread, I sympathise.  But a shame. Did you have a view on the grasshopper and the AJ?  I too am in the market for a floor lamp.  
   Monk straps are not loafers (the picture is of penny loafers, which should never be worn with a suit). Monk straps are entirely appropriate with suits.  (The old-school etiquette in the English legal profession is only QCs wear monkstraps.) Double monks are an abomination (but that is a personal stylistic opinion)!
Card case (this in black):   Plus money clip.   No 'Art Vanderlay' wallets here.
What are you doing to them?! Or do you have a small rotation.
Meh.  The closest to the Grasshoppa seems to be a rip off, but happy to be corrected if I'm wrong on the timeline. B.
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