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Brass / silver, etc. collar stays.  Plastic far preferable (although I would argue that plastic are superior, not inferior).
Nothing wrong with Cameron's break (although note the loafers with the suit).   Canary yellow is the LibDem party colour, which probably explains Clegg's tie choice.  
The green with nothing (go for a darker, 'forest' green if you must).  Grey is better, but obviously casual which you may or may not want.  
I would emphatically discourage you from doing this.  The chances of finding a salesperson who knows what they are talking about these days is low.     If you're interested in building up a wider wardrobe based on 'classical good taste', there is really no substitute in slower time for educating yourself.  There's plenty of useful stuff here, although much needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.  whnay.'s good taste thread is a good place to start...
Okay - you just managed to combine a lot of things the forvm hates - with varying degrees of justification - into a single post (black tailored clothing, other than formal wear; grey odd jackets).   Not sure of your context, or what informal means in it, but a classic combination for a smart-ish informal social occasion would be blazer and mid-grey flannel trousers.   Working with what you say you have, I might try the grey odd jacket and grey trousers, but only if...
Quick comment on Hober burgundy:   The grenadine burgundy is a very rich, dark red.  Personally I greatly prefer this.  The 'dark red' does what it says on the tin.   The burgundy pin dots that I've seen tend to be closer to dark red.   But there is no substitute for the swatch sets.   As for how many swatch sets p/panther owns, I think the question is more how many Hobers does p/panther not own!
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