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Brown shoes with suits for businesswear would still raise eyebrowns in the traditional professions / City in the UK. 
Don't put words in my mouth.  My point was you didn't express an opinion.  You sat on the fence. There is a great deal of rubbish posted on this forum, but perhaps you too wish to 'blaze a similar trail'. This is becoming tiresome, I suspect for you too, so as you say good night. 
 1.  I've expressed opinions, rather than sat on the fence, about stylistic matters. 2.  I've clarified that monk strap shoes are not loafers. 3.  I've indicated that, whatever views there may be about wearing loafers with suits, the conventional wisdom in matters of classic style is that monk straps are perfectly acceptable with suits. Considerably more value added than by your posts, which did after all start off by posing a question. Happy?
 No, just the sow's ear I feed to my dog. I don't subscribe to the 'it's all relative; all stylistic preferences are equally valid' BS. At least I express an opinion rather than say 'I'm not necessarily endorsing this, but this is what I pulled off the web' - how does that help anyone?  Fence-sitting at best.
Sounds like the sort of defence a Big Tobacco lobbyist might advance. Seriously, how does posting pictures of douchebags help anybody?
Out of interest, what swung you towards the IC rather than the Hase?
Hah! Primo-bull$hit.
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