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Loake 1880 (and only 1880) offer excellent price:quality at the lower end of your budget.  Some of the ill feeling is about the lower ranges, which do indeed use corrected grain, are made abroad, etc.  See: http://www.styleforum.net/t/354125/loake-appreciation-shoe-p0rn-thread/0_50   Herring Shoes (a mail-order retailer) are excellent.  The have an own-brand shoe made by Cheaney, slightly over your budget, with the sleek last you are looking for:...
Dark navy (or midnight as suggested above).  More elegant and appropriate to social occasions than charcoal grey.  Indeed if I could only have OneSuit, it would be navy (with brown horn buttons, so capable of being 'BlazerSuit'-ed - search for Manton's thread).
I don't think we can really answer this question for you: If you consider you can continue with the functional style of dress without significant downsides, I would do this without hesitation.  (Wearing dark worsted suits on the London underground in the Summer is enough to make me feel uncomfortable!) I would also acquire a tropical wool suit for occasions where more traditional business dress may be appropriate (as suggested by Macallan).  
Quite, and, whatever it might be, it's definitely not Italian CBD!
Try posting here (and note the guidance on proper photographs at the beginning):  http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions/4500_50#post_6933032
I would not wear the suit you linked to a wedding (or at all, if I'm honest).   What else do you have available (i.e. the stuff that needs alterations)?     A navy suit is a classic for a more casual wedding.  This thread may help: http://www.styleforum.net/t/329568/official-wedding-attire-question-answer-picture-thread/0_50
Don't get hung up on supers numbers.   Weight and weave are some of the main considerations for whether it will wear hot.
Personally, I don't like wide knit ties with a conventional diagonal end.  A knit tie should be narrower, with a square-cut end. E.g.: http://www.drakes.com/online-shop/ties/knitted/finest-silk-solid-colour-knitted-tie-718 If I wanted a conventional looking tie with a texture similar to a knit I would opt for grenadine garza grossa (of which David, of Sam Hober, although far too modest to say could supply you with an outstanding version made to your exact...
I'd add that knit ties are normally narrower than ordinary ties.  I find knit ties that have the same width as ordinary ties (say 3.5") a bit odd to be honest.  So the lapel / tie width approximation doesn't hold in this context.   I noticed in another thread you were doing an internship.  If that's in a conservative environment, I wouldn't wear a knit tie.
+1 +1 Then you have poor taste.  GBR QED.
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