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Does anyone know what AE's policy is when it comes to missing packages?   Apparently the genius FedEx guy left my bourbon McAllisters outside my workplace this morning, and by the time I got there a short while later, they were gone. I'm guessing someone walked off with the box, given that it's Saturday and there was no one in the building. I'm hoping that AE will help me file a claim or send me a replacement, but I'm a bit worried, since I've never had anything of...
My burgundy shell Daltons shipped today and they should be here by Thursday. Woot!
What's the consensus on sizing for the shell Dalton? I've been going through the thread and there's been a lot of talk about the shell running looser than the calf equivalent, and I was wondering if anyone had advice before I place an order for the webgem. Size down 1/2 or go true to size?
  That's weird, because my snuff suede boots are unlined. Maybe that applies specifically to ranger mocs, since every sample I've seen in that material seems to be lined.
My snuff suede boots arrived yesterday, right on the projected shipping date. Gotta say, they're pretty amazing and comfortable as hell. I must admit that I freaked out a little when I saw that picture of the peanut suede boots on the Rancourt Facebook page, since the make is exactly the same as mine, except for the color of the suede, and both pairs shipped out on the same day. For a second, I was worried that they mixed up the MTO, but it looks like it was just a...
  Definitely one of the Vibram soles. I went with a white cristy on my rangers with four season wear in mind. If you want something with even more traction, you might want to go with the mini lug sole, although it might be overkill for anything less than a boot.
  I'm getting it unlined with honey RLH soles, nickel eyelets, gold nylon laces, and the midsole is natural with beige stitching. I based the makeup on the two pics of snuff suede on Rancourt's facebook page that I really liked, but I varied it up a bit with the model and sole so that it's not a direct copy. Hopefully it'll turn out okay.   FYI, Kyle told me that the mid boots and the ranger mocs are made on the same last, so the fit should be the same for whichever model...
My first pair (Cordovan #8 Ranger Mocs) took a little more than three weeks in early summer. FedEx delivered it the day after it shipped, since I'm relatively close to Maine. I'm currently waiting for my second pair (Snuff Suede Boots), and they went into production on July 18, so it's been about 15 days or so. The original estimated date was 8/08, so it's not like I've been expecting them to ship sooner.
I'm pretty sure that it refers to the suede material. The shoes I ordered last week were listed as "Snuff Orion Suede," the same as the navy. Checking some of the Quoddys I have in suede, they're listed as "grizzly" and "calico" respectively, and if I were to make an educated guess, I'd say it might possibly have something to do with the texture of the nap. Kyle would probably be able to answer this question with certainty, though.
My vibram camp boots just got delivered! The color is awesome and the fit is spot-on. Went TTS because I plan on wearing thick socks with them when it gets colder. I would have taken the pic in natural light, but it looks like 10 pm outside with all the thunderstorms currently passing through the state.  
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