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I'm curious to know this, too.  I'm searching for a pair of the fabled RRL Boss jeans in a 34 or 36 (38 was way too big for me).  I really wish I hadn't missed them when they were in stores, but I really wasn't into jeans at all then.  
"A" for effort...?   Totally shell shoes!
Think of all the Perfect Fit rewards from that transaction!
Y no one has buying this! ?   Rare shell.   I should get an award for the restraint I'm showing not getting those...okay, I don't have the money in my PayPal, but still...
Yeah, that's a good question about dealing directly with Alden.  Oh, well.  My size varies in the Barrie last.  With my two Barrie shell boots I wear a 12, but the 12 in the snuff LWB was slightly big, but not unwearable.  Probably from not having the ankle support that a boot has.  I'd probably try an 11 1/2 next time.  My foot is 11 1/2 D on the Brannock, but 13 C by arch length.  My 12 D Barrie boots fit really nicely, I think.  I wouldn't change those.   I've learned...
I loved my J Crew suede LWB, but the stitching came undone on one of them.  They let me return the shoes for a full refund nearly a year after I purchased them.  That's some pretty top rate customer service, if you ask me.  Unfortunately they didn't have my size in the same shoe so I ended up getting the Cadet Shell Blucher instead.  I'm definitely going to buy more shoes from them.   I have my eyes on that same boot, too .  I have a pair of desert boots and I love the...
Actually, it wasn't so bad out in the field.  A little damp, but no terrible mud like I was expecting.     Thanks, gents.  Pictures definitely do this pair justice.  I'm so glad I happened upon them.  I was unsure about the commando sole at first, but it's growing on me...especially when I'm not slipping and sliding in the winter.
Leather Soul Tanker Boots ready to take me out to a friend's farm to pick some sweet corn.  I do live in Iowa, after all.  I love these boots and they have served me well so far.  The commando sole is perfect for snowy and muddy situations.    
There was an 11.5D pair of new LHS Cigar shoes that ended today.  They ended up going for $490, or so.  It was really, really hard to restrain myself on that one.  I figured since I was high bidder for days it was time to let somebody else have a turn .
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