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Nice!  I agonized over going to $250 on those, but I've spent my allowance for the month already.  I'm glad they went to another SF member, though.  You'll have to post a report when you wear them.
I'm really in the mood to see some natural Chromexcel, myself.
The image in my head is Derek Zoolander showing up at the coal mine.
I was a big Beat Takeshi fan in college.  I discovered him through movies like "Violent Cop" and "Sonatine."  A Japanese girl I knew saw the VHS tapes sitting on my table and told me about how he was (then) known as a comedian in Japan.  Of course I didn't believe her at first.   I've just gotten into Yohji's clothing and thought it was really cool to see that he's done some costuming for a few movies I've seen, and more that I need to see.  I like it when planes of...
I'm curious to know this, too.  I'm searching for a pair of the fabled RRL Boss jeans in a 34 or 36 (38 was way too big for me).  I really wish I hadn't missed them when they were in stores, but I really wasn't into jeans at all then.  
"A" for effort...?   Totally shell shoes!
Think of all the Perfect Fit rewards from that transaction!
Y no one has buying this! ?   Rare shell.   I should get an award for the restraint I'm showing not getting those...okay, I don't have the money in my PayPal, but still...
Yeah, that's a good question about dealing directly with Alden.  Oh, well.  My size varies in the Barrie last.  With my two Barrie shell boots I wear a 12, but the 12 in the snuff LWB was slightly big, but not unwearable.  Probably from not having the ankle support that a boot has.  I'd probably try an 11 1/2 next time.  My foot is 11 1/2 D on the Brannock, but 13 C by arch length.  My 12 D Barrie boots fit really nicely, I think.  I wouldn't change those.   I've learned...
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