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Curse my metal body, I wasn't fast enough!  Nice pick up.
Same with me.  Can't log in on the laptop or my mobile devices.  And I can't reset my password, oh, and ebay says my ID doesn't exist and my email isn't registered with them.  If I search for one of my items it does the old "we found other items like this" trick and redirects. I'm guessing it's server stuff their doing, but I'm pretty certain somebody is trying to steal my identity based on some things that happened with PayPal and unrelated places recently, so my default...
I'm glad it's not just me who gets stuff like this. So, he wants a sleeve that measures 33" from shoulder to cuff? I'm curious, is his address at a primate enclosure at a zoo?
 These are probably accurate.   I'll spray some Windex on it, since it fixes everything.  I'm seeking professional help immediately.  I may have a problem, yes.  Seriously, though, I was surprised this happened when I brushed these babies off the other day.  I had put some VSC on them the week before and have brushed them from time to time with nothing like this happening.  I wasn't brushing any harder than I have on any other pair I've done before.   I've heard the talk...
 Ha, ha!  No, I finish with steel wool.  Mac Method all the way, baby!
Wore my Marlow pennies yesterday, but didn't get a chance to put them away until today.  I got the old brush out to hit them quick before I put them away.  Here's after about five seconds of brushing:  [[SPOILER]]
 Good point and I do see that, too.  However, there are a few auctions where it specifically states it's "rare" and "expensive" shell cordovan (and frequently described as "cordovan shell") and how it retails for $650 you can get it at a cheap price.  Then you look at the picture and it's an old, creased up pair of calf (or not even) shoes.   That's actually nice to hear, maybe I should do the same.  I've become pretty cynical towards eBay lately after a handful of crappy...
Speaking of amateur flippers, I can't believe how many people are listing "cordovan shell" shoes that are clearly not shell.  Part of me wants to send them a message telling them they aren't shell, but then I stop myself because I'm certain I'm heading into a world of hurt.  I wonder how many are just ignorant and how many are actually trying to deceive.  
 $30 was my third offer.  I ended up using BIN to get it after that...
I submitted a few offers on a pair of J&M shoes recently.  My final offer was $30 and it was refused after a day of waiting.  I think the BIN price was $32.50.   Some people just make no sense.
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