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I'm glad it's not just me who gets stuff like this. So, he wants a sleeve that measures 33" from shoulder to cuff? I'm curious, is his address at a primate enclosure at a zoo?
 These are probably accurate.   I'll spray some Windex on it, since it fixes everything.  I'm seeking professional help immediately.  I may have a problem, yes.  Seriously, though, I was surprised this happened when I brushed these babies off the other day.  I had put some VSC on them the week before and have brushed them from time to time with nothing like this happening.  I wasn't brushing any harder than I have on any other pair I've done before.   I've heard the talk...
 Ha, ha!  No, I finish with steel wool.  Mac Method all the way, baby!
Wore my Marlow pennies yesterday, but didn't get a chance to put them away until today.  I got the old brush out to hit them quick before I put them away.  Here's after about five seconds of brushing:  [[SPOILER]]
 Good point and I do see that, too.  However, there are a few auctions where it specifically states it's "rare" and "expensive" shell cordovan (and frequently described as "cordovan shell") and how it retails for $650 you can get it at a cheap price.  Then you look at the picture and it's an old, creased up pair of calf (or not even) shoes.   That's actually nice to hear, maybe I should do the same.  I've become pretty cynical towards eBay lately after a handful of crappy...
Speaking of amateur flippers, I can't believe how many people are listing "cordovan shell" shoes that are clearly not shell.  Part of me wants to send them a message telling them they aren't shell, but then I stop myself because I'm certain I'm heading into a world of hurt.  I wonder how many are just ignorant and how many are actually trying to deceive.  
 $30 was my third offer.  I ended up using BIN to get it after that...
I submitted a few offers on a pair of J&M shoes recently.  My final offer was $30 and it was refused after a day of waiting.  I think the BIN price was $32.50.   Some people just make no sense.
Ohmagod, if I get one more fuckstick canceling an auction that I've bid on I'm going to scream.  Does this happen to other people more than it used to, or am I just blessed?  I've seriously had half a dozen people do it just this year so far.  I can count on one hand the number of times it happened to me in the previous 14 years.   Current eBay mood = why do I do this?   /rant
 I'd guess most of it is going to be transportation and immigration fees.  People just aren't as cheap as they used to be.  
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