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I've spent the past hour or so looking around the Allen Edmonds website and other sites.  I think I've decided to take your guys' advice and go with 3 pairs.  I was thinking of getting a pair of the black Kenilworth's, exchanging the Cole Haan's for a darker pair, and going with the AE Finch in Tan. Do you guys think that would be a solid three pairs to start out? 
Ya I wasn't sure if those shoes were great, figured I might as well get them since they were 40% off for Memorial Day and I could always return them later on.  I will definitely be stopping by the Allen Edmonds outlet this week to try out different shoes and see which ones fit and look best in person. 
Thanks for all the advice. I live about an hour from a Allen Edmonds outlet and will probably stop by sometime this week to try on the Kenilworth's.  I also was at the mall today and came across these Cole Haan's in the British Tan Leather on sale for $110.  I decided to pull the trigger and buy them.     I will definitely also look for a nice pair of wingtips considering I got the Cole Haan's for much cheaper than I expected to buy a pair of shoes. Thanks again for...
I just got a job as a teacher and the school requires shirt and tie. I am looking for a pair of black and brown shoes to go with my dark brown, black, white, and charcoal pants.  I want shoes that I will be comfortable walking and standing in for 6-8 hours a day.  My budget is around $200-250 per pair.     I was thinking of going with a pair of brown oxfords and black oxfords to start out and eventually adding more. From what I've seen while searching the site it...
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