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I wear suede in New England.  And I vouch for the beauty of Meermin's suede offerings. I got a pair with the studded rubber sole.  Haven't worn them in inclement weather yet, but I probably would.
I don't think you want the vest too close in hue to the suit or it will look like you are trying to match, but failing. I think generally an odd vest looks better with odd coat and trousers. Striped pants, buff or grey vest, and a dark jacket is a smart (if a bit formal) look. With a khaki suit, maybe a robin's egg blue vest?
Just got my Meermins in on the Olfe last.  I wear 11.5 D US (e.g. on the AE 5 last) and ordered the 10.5. So I went down one full size from my US size. They fit a bit snug, but in a good way. The toe box is perfect for my foot. The sizing was on Jose's suggestion after sending him measurements of my foot, based on a pencil drawing. Pics: This is the 12153-Y style in dark brown suede.  The color is more accurate on their website. Like most everyone else, I...
2 pairs of Meermin, Classic collection, shipped. Check the Meermin thread for pics.
I regularly use Geo F Trumper Rose, and Mitchells Wool Fat. When I am in a rush, and want to go brushless, I use Trader Joe's Honey Mango Cream. A good value ($4).
Hello! I've been reading Styleforum for about two years. Finally decided to sign up, and comment occasionally.
My brown-on-brown Strawfuts also came with black splotches all over the mesh. On a hunch I tried cleaning the mesh with a wet fingernail brush and a few drops of Dawn dish liquid. It worked perfectly. They are as good as new. Might be worth a try, if you don't want to hassle with returning them.
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