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Hi i have a question   My Alden shoes are size 8D. so i have to buy Shoes tree in size S or M. 
My Alden shoes are size 8D. so i have to Shoes tree in size S or M. 
Hi, i always see you post the awesome Alden boots and shoes. Could i know what store did you buy it from ?
Do everybody know about the Alden store in NYC except Leffot i'm looking for the model such as NST, Captoe boot  and long wing shoes in Color 8 Revello and Cigar. Do they have it ?   Thank you
Is this Alden cap toe J gilbert
I have some question   If i wear RRL slim fit jeans one washed in size 29 i'm supposed to buy RRL slim fit rigid jeans in the same size or not BTW, i wear RRL pants such as Chino pant. I have to buy other pant in the same size or not due to RRL store in Dallas there is no these kind of pants and jeans, so i have to buy it in online store.   And today i have tried on many T- shirt, Shirt and coat  of RRL. i definitely like it but i noticed the tag size is "Made in...
I have some question    I wear on RRL pullover in size S and RRL T shirt in size S   so i'm supposed to buy work shirt t short and Jacket also right?
No today there are Chinese product.   but the price is very high.
i'm so curious which one the shoes shape are longer between Barries last 8D and Plaza last 8.5D   And then when i wear Alden in Barries last in size 8 D i feel it sightly bigger and the shoes shapes is longer so i have to buy another one in 7.5D or Normally, Alden shoes shape are longer than another brand.   Thank you.
The Alden indy boot 403 CXL   SIZE: 8D Color : Dark brown chromexel Last :Trubalance Price : 410   I bought this boot from Loffot but when i try on it i feel like the boot is a little bit bigger for me, so i thought i have to buy 7.5 D or 7.5 E   The boot is new with block i've never worn it to go out.   If you are interested, please feel free to contact me anytime.   I accept Paypal only.
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