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Yeah, I love the suede buck idea, too.   What color do you think would look the best? My biggest  trouble has been with color.
I like those... I cant find anywhere to even buy them though.   Would white bucks be better than the shoes I bought? Or should I  not go with white? Maybe a cream, or just go with something darker  than my suit?
I was thinking about that. My bride doesn't really want me to go barefoot,  plus we are having a reception back home a few weeks later so I  will be wearing the suit again.
Hey all... I was trying to figure out what shoes to wear with a suit I will  be wearing to get married in and I kept finding my way back to this forum.   There seems to be a lot of great opinions here, so I wanted to see what  you thought about what shoes would look best with my suit.   It's a khaki colored with white pin stripes, linen suit (beach wedding). I can't find a pic online, but it's Ralph Lauren if that helps anyone.   In my head I kept...
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