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Added some more new options:     Spring Beige Plain Chino$99.99 Russet Brown Plain Chino$99.99 Stone Plain Chino$99.99   Maroon Grey Tattersall Flannel$99.99 Dress Gingham: Blue White$89.99 Blue Black on Cream Tattersall Twill$99.99
Blue Rugby Stripes T-Shirt  
 It is a work in progress.  Not sure if we will get there this winter but should happen soon after.
 By design, we do not have anything that would fall in the "cheap" category. Even after quality checks, If something is not good gets sold and the feedback is not good enough, we stop offering it. Adding a few more very good knitted fabrics in pique and jersey this week. The quality on some is much better than the brands you mention.  Thank you for the feedback. A white navy stripes fabric will be seen here early next week.  Can you please link to the shirt image? Will...
 Thank you. Have made a copy under the Luxire account here. Also modified the Luxire signature link for easier access.
Always a difficult question. We do not have much of a backlog currently. Most shirts and pants orders are shipping in a week in recent days while there are others that are taking a month. Some delays are due to order complexities while others are due to our process inefficiencies. We re constantly working on making things better so hopefully the randomness will decrease over time.
 New Image. 
 I think the reviewer was referring to the older image that has now been removed. Reproduced below.  [[SPOILER]]
Yes, can be made into pants as well. Will be $149.99
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