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 We can add I guess. Do send us an email with details of what you would like so that we can start our conversation with Merchant Fox.
 If this works. The red of the swatch books seems a bit too saturated, but both the blue fabrics look fine. 
More linen and other summer options for shirts:     Irish Green Casual Shirt$99.99 Monti Soft Powder Blue End on End$99.99 Grey Linen Houndstooth$149.99 Light Blue Dress Stripes Linen$149.99 Pink Linen Gingham$149.99 Green Dress Stripes Linen$149.99
 Yes, this fabric.
 Starting  at $100, can be made as desired.
 Gloves would start at $100. Have not come across peccary leather so far. Will see if we can find.
 No, not yet :) Added to complete the image, just like the brick wall in the background.
We now have the standard 4mm mother-of-pearl buttons in 18L as well. Earlier, we had them only in16L and 14L.   The standard would remain 16L for shirts(14L on collar and sleeve plackets) but, a mix of sizes can be requested without any additional charge.    
Added a mix of fabrics: Some linen, some oxfords and some moleskin Camel Moleskin$149.99     Cedar Brown Moleskin$149.99 Classic Orange Oxford$99.99 Cream Red Tan Country Checks Flannel$99.99 Indigo Gingham Classic Oxford$99.99 Linen: Blue Small Gingham$149.99
Jacket made in Epic, breathable and waterproof. Lined with cotton flannel, quilted with Thermolite. Comes with removable quilted vest for additional warmth.  
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