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Teaser: Denim work shirt with vintage style snap buttons  
Racing Green Pique      
 Your shoes style have much narrower edges. These were made with the pattern we have for your shoes, but, for more casual wear as we wanted to try antiquing leather. The person wearing them is heading our leather goods making exercise, helping test the shoes. Initially tolerated a lot of pain in the feet with some of those improperly made shoes. Another...
 If minor changes, old pattern will be used with modifications.
 Glad to make the shirts, more so when sending samples. Pricing same as shirts for men. She can simply select the fabric and place order. In the notes, she can add, ladies shirt, sending sample for replication, with these changes.  We will add a section and some images in "a few" months. Waiting for the new website to go live first. Has been ages now. Not much stretch fabrics currently available, but, will be adding plenty when we start offering ladies options. We do have...
 Very nice! One of the places where we buy some of our non-standard options has accessories in thousands of such designs, some dating back almost a 100 years. So, if someone wants something unique or vintage, it can be checked there. No guarantee that we will find them, but, worth a try. Another option is to get them made, if there is sufficient interest. Getting made sometimes requires the creation of a die, which can be expensive, individual items after that, may not...
Another pair of shoes: Tan leather, antique finish, after a few weeks of wear.  
Thank you M. Those are very kind words. Is the Arny's jacket also an orphan now, with no one making or owning it? Photography: Completely agree.  We are doing it in steps. Good photography will include equipment, space, lighting, props and photographer. We recently invested in a decent camera  and also setup a tiny room for the task. What we do lack is a dedicated professional photographer and your comment will hopefully hasten the search.
 Very likely, assuming not 31st August and 1st October
Another of the trial shoes. Keep getting better in our eyes.    
New Posts  All Forums: