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Would like to share some good news:   Had the pleasure of visiting the Appenzell facilities of Alumo on Friday and we agreed to work together in bringing you the best of shirt fabrics and our masterful workmanship.   Alumo needs no introduction. The fabrics are truly impressive and made with extreme respect for the environment.   We have bought a few items that will be stocked with us. They should be available next week onwards. Among them is their famed University...
G&R, Minnis, Dugdale, Albini, VBC, Loro Piana, Fox, Molloy, Holland Sherry, Carnet, Brisbane Moss: Some fabrics from these mills are stocked at our premises, while other fabrics are ordered from the mill on your placing an order.   We generally place an order with the mill every 1-3 weeks, depending on number of pending orders. Delivery can take upto a week. This is the wait that is added to your delivery when ordering garments made in these fabrics.   In the interim,...
Myth busting time:   If garments are made using the same pattern, without any requested changes to the pattern, the garments will fit identical. We may see some really minor differences which I would call a tailor's individual touch, but, those are very minor set of differences.   Over subsequent orders, we will not see difference over difference over difference. The differences do not get added. We may see one minor difference here and another minor difference there....
Last day of the Linen sale, ends end of day on Monday across all time zones. Use code WELCOMESPRING on these products for 20% discount.
3 Piece suit made in Minnis Fresco Blue Plain, 520  
 Best to send an email. The information about shoes is lacking on the website currently.
If things go well, we will be able to create and print our own shipping labels, arrange our own pickup or drop off at our own convenience. One of the features of the new website. Am not sure if it will be there in the current release but hoping it will.
Got some Madras checks and other fabrics for the summer.   Added these to the Linen Sale 2016 collection for additional 20% discount if using code WELCOMESPRING   Navy Mustard Macro Gingham Checks$89.99 Orange Green Blue Madras Checks$89.99 Red White Gingham Checks$89.99 Peach Navy Green Madras Checks$89.99 Red Navy Tartan Checks$89.99 Bright Red Blue Madras Checks$89.99
 Price will be different. Please send an email to discuss specifics.
Available now.  Style similar to our standard harrington. Can be made in suede. Do send an email so that the specifics can be discussed.
New Posts  All Forums: