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Yes, any fabric from Dugdale can be ordered.
 To the touch, Cape Breeze feels cooler, lighter and softer in comparison to Fresco. The Mocklino are very nice too.
Just added: VBC Wool-Linen blend Dark Grey   Fabric in-house, limited stock, about 10 pant lengths. Pants for $199.99, jackets for $650      
Added some Dugdale fabrics for summer, mohair and mohair-wool blends.   Dugdale Mocklino Hopsack: Black$199.99 Dugdale 100% Mohair: Grey$199.99 Dugdale Summer Barathea: Black$199.99 Dugdale Summer Barathea: Dark Navy$199.99 Dugdale Cape Breeze: Cocoa$199.99 Dugdale Cape Breeze: Brown$199.99
 I agree that our shoes are a work in progress but do not think they are a stretch too far. We have done some unusual stuff and no not think that we cannot excel in shoe making either. At the risk of sounding arrogant, we are not trying to compete with the brands mentioned above at all. Finishing wise, they may be ahead but quality wise, we are not behind and probably ahead in many regards. We are working towards bringing you the iconic Foster and sons quality and we know...
Our latest product: Ladies bowling/sling bag   Unbelievable introductory price for first 5 orders: $199.99, order here.      
 Perfectly said.
Yes, fit-test pair. Made in best option materials available inhouse.
 Please send email with image of the jacket in action. We will discuss the solution to the issue.
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