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 Technical limitation disallows both coupons. Do place the order and we will refund the additional amount paid. -------------------------- Canvas trial is ready. We will take pictures on Monday and post soon after.
One is in production. We should be sharing images next week.We still need to get back with image of the blue leather. Will see if @LuxireStudio can do it today.
For the items just added, we are offering 20% discount for early birds. Use code: LINENCOOLSUMMER   Start here.
 Need to check but would assume these images to be close to accurate representation. If you send an email, we can cross check.
.....and some LINEN COTTONS.     Cotton Linen: Classic Multi-color Madras Checks$119.99 Cotton Linen: Light Pink Tartan Checks On White$119.99 Cotton Linen: White Stripes On Ecru$119.99 Cotton Linen: Ecru Stripes On white$119.99 Cotton Linen: Dark Peach Gingham Checks$119.99 Cotton Linen: Grey Hairline Stripes On White$119.99
Some new linen additions:       Linen: Purple Chambray$149.99 Linen: Green Blue Checks On White$149.99 Linen: Light Blue Chambray$149.99 Linen: Raw Slubby Ecru Black$149.99 Linen: Pale Pink Chambray$149.99 Linen: Lustrous Navy Herringbone$149.99
On website: So near, yet so far. It is ready for all practical purposes. We can search for fabrics pretty well, we can order with unlimited customization, and a lot of other pain points have been addressed. Just that finesse is what we are working on. We are getting closer by the day.
 Please PM me your order number. -------------------------Communication has remained a challenge. That team not stable yet. But, most of last year has been good except for small phases between transitions.
 Will share a picture of the skin tomorrow. But, to give an idea, the leather for the bag below was also made in the same color. It is not too deep navy. We do have another deeper shade as in the jacket image below.   
 That looked like a technical error. The pricing of standard jacket has been corrected to $775. Also, leather choices have been added for the standard options.
New Posts  All Forums: