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We made a pair of boat shoes using nubuck leather.    
 Can be done.
 We have the perfect leather for that, 4mm pit dyed from Thomas ware, brass hardware and completely hand made. A belt should last a lifetime, may be a few.
CUSTOM BAGS: Our thought, when starting on bags was that why do we need custom bags? Do bags need customization? Got a few bags made for internal use, only to test our processes. Also put some of them for personal use.   The most interesting learning from this experience has been that we do need custom bags. We really need them. Each one of us have our own set of unique items we need to carry and with different level of security, organizing and access needs.   Never...
 Can be made as desired for any aspect: size, shape, design, trims, you name it. We are getting some heavy cotton canvas as well which we plan to dye on demand.  PRICING: With bags, the biggest issue is with the price and availability of quality leather. We intend to use leather from top British / American tanneries and these are expensive, more so when sourcing and transporting for single bags. Prices for these will start at $600 and go up based on type of leather, design...
More bags and details:              
 You are probably right.  But seriously, if someone has some good lead on the way forward to get a good new website, we will be absolutely interested.
 As we have said before, it is a flaw we have been aware of and have worked on correcting that, without success. We have not yet discarded our last effort so it remains in progress. We will take a call on that over the next 2-3 months. In the interim, we are finally working on having an in-house web development team as the final resort. Having had a career in IT for more than a decade, never imagined that website development will be our biggest challenge.
 Unlike in the US, I am told that a lot of people in EU like to use bank account transfers. How true is that? Have seen it to be true in India, one reason being the fear of losing credit card details for misuse.
We are planning on opening an office in Germany.  If we do that, how will it help customers in the EU?   In terms of priority, what would you like done first:   1. Local German shipping address for sending samples and alteration items 2. Payment gateway based in Germany 3. Luxire.com translated in German language 4. Customer service in German   Also, do you think a Germany based office can cater to most of EU or only Germany in terms of point 1 and 2...
New Posts  All Forums: