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Not received yet. They are busy too and promise to ship fabrics tomorrow. Once received, we will move quickly to fulfill them.  Looking good is also a worthy cause :)  
Sorry as it defeats the purpose of the promotion.
While we await delivery of the Grandi fabrics, we have some spare cycles for our shirt tailors.   We are thus taking orders for fabrics we currently stock and offering you a special. 4 shirts for $200 in any of these fabrics.   Also, 10% discount on orders of 4 or more shirts in any selection of fabrics, each valued less than $100   No coupons. Just place the order and add to the notes: "December Shirt Special" We will add the discount to your order and capture the...
 Monti Navy White Houndstooth
 We are still working on the leathers and sources for the Italian, Indian leathers. For the British leather, we work with J&E Sedgwick & Thomasware. We can also source from Horween in the US, though nothing has been ordered from them so far. We have made a few designs and have posted their images here. For the cautious, those can be ordered. For the others, every new design, we make one or more test piece till we are satisfied. Then the final piece is made. We have been...
Nope  :(Sent a reminder again today, hopefully will be shipped in 1-2 days. Most of Brisbane Moss and some of Dugdale are here. Will need to follow up with Minnis as well.
 Amazing! This is truly a work of art. it reminds us of our long initial struggle to make it work and the end result has never been half as beautiful.
 It will be nice to have you back. I can post some more pictures, if that make decision making easier :)
The new Grandi Rubinelli collection just arrived.   Wonderful set as always. Notable are the new flannels, which are amazing. Also a few Sea Island Whites and Light Blues.    
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