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  We will have all of these listed next week. To take advantage of the sale, you can send us an email. We will hep you order.
 Worked things out a bit more and realized that we possibly sell some fabrics here. For particular colors people want, I can setup a group buy. Once we reach say 30m, the fabric can be ordered from the mill and shipped to the buyers. After reaching 30m, the time for delivery will be about 15 days. Don't know if it makes sense, but, if it does, do let me know the colors that would be of most interest. If this works well, we can offer a lot of good fabrics from many other...
 As promised, difficult to choose:  
 Not selling the lengths. Just posted these so that good images of all options can be seen together by members here.
Don't know if these were posted here, but thought may be of interest to some. Minnis Flannels:    [[SPOILER]]
 We are considering allowing the user to mark a named style as private or public. If public, someone else can search it by name/code.
 What we are doing is allowing the user to save a style by name and save a measurement set by name. For subsequent orders, when the user logs in, he is able to select the saved styles, customize and order again. It can be used for quick reorder or to pre-populate certain parameters and customize from there. Our attempt is to eliminate notes(as much as possible) so that the order document creation can be automated.  It is our biggest bottle-neck currently. The intent is not...
 All 4 are in stock. Will have the image sent tomorrow. We were working on it but did not complete the task by taking the picture.
Minnis Flannels:    [[SPOILER]]
 We do offer the fabric. The VBC 562 is 360 grams. The product will be available September onwards. Later this month, we are getting flannels from EThomas, which are with 10% cashmere, in 11 Oz and 15 Oz weights. Also later this month, we will be getting an 11 Oz Blackwatch from EThomas, some amazing wool-cashmere overcoatings from Drago and some StormSystem like wools from ET again.
New Posts  All Forums: