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Luxire studio agog with preparations for the trunk show:  
  After the fit is perfected, ordering more online makes a lot of sense. The online prices will be applicable without any bespoke surcharge.
  1. 1400 GBP (1850 USD) is their start price for base 100s-110s fabric / cottons. Our $1000/$1200 includes fine fabrics(Minnis Flannel, Fresco, Drago 180s, EThomas Wool-cashmeres) and in-person fittings. 2. Our jackets are fully hand made, inside and out. They are not just hand-made, hand-made with the purpose of shaping, durability and aesthetics.3. There is a lot to canvas jackets: Apart from the materials used, there is also the aspect of molding the canvas to the...
We do not see any price changes in any of the currently offered products.   eSpoke jackets will not see a price increase either. Will continue starting at ~ $600   Bespoke is a different business altogether with its own cost dynamics.
 I sent you a PM to explain my view.
 We are talking of different products here.
 We will see how the 3 cities go and how well our process works. Then plan accordingly. Austria has been a country that has given Luxire a lot of love so certainly among the places of priority for us.  This is actually not an increase but a discount. Bespoke was supposed to be higher. Instead we threw-in a wide variety of fabrics which would cost upward of $1200 in the current pricing structure. We are trying to find a balance. The goal is to make jackets of the highest...
 Both will make great jackets. I think the 100% wool will also make very good pants. The silk/wool, bwing silk heavy may not be great for just pants but should work well in a suit. Price: $249.99 for pants, $1250 for jacket. Bespoke specials will apply.
 For shirt/pants, best to order the product on the website, add $50 as additional services for bespoke and add to the notes: For the bespoke service. Will give measurements/details in person.
 The pre-order can be placed here. As an introductory offer, choose from any of our fabrics for the jacket at one great price. Only exclusions are: 100% Cashmere from Cerruti. 
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