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 No issues. Larger shipments may have multiple packets under one master tracking number. For some reason, they do not sometimes get delivered together.  Can be done on request.
 Starts at $600, depends on fabric chosen.  We do have the same shade of corduroy from Brisbane Moss as in the image below 
Our tribute to the Forestiere Jacket:            
While Cellulare added too  
 Thank you mate.@Lachyzee & others, may be you can also chip in with your thoughts on the measurements. How much room is there on your peacoat compared to your body measurement? We are trying to arrive at a standard, given that most people write to us saying they do not have a well fitting coat to measure.
G&R was having their summer break till last weekend. Things should move smoother now. Our own process of ordering the Just-in-time fabrics is now getting better, which will also reduce delays.
Added a Cellulare finally, in navy. Truly amazing fabric.  
 Excellent work Razl. 160/2 and 2/160 are often used interchangeably by different mills. It would be best for us to maintain consistency though. For Grandi, they mention the warp and weft thread count, which we pass on too. The numbers 78*40 mean the number of threads used per inch for the warp and the weft.   The thread count(160/2) and construction(78*40) can give a good idea of the weight on the cloth.  Thank you for the tip. Cannot agree more. We do lack a lot of...
If the shirt, is TOO small (not just neck but body too), we do scale the collar down.   We were doing it for bigger shirts earlier but stopped the practice.   The problem is that dimensions are mentioned on the website for some collars. If we change that without customer consent, the customer can and often does complain. Writing to customer (Hey you are a big man, do you want bigger collars?) is not always a good idea either.   So, if you know what you want, best to...
Thank you for the wonderful response to the bags offer.   We have taken the 5 orders and started work on the sourcing.   We are all excited.
New Posts  All Forums: