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 Yes. Where the issue is genuine, we can work around it.  We have sent emails a few times.
Over the next 3 days, we will be cancelling all Black Friday/Cyber Monday orders for which details have not been received.   It is a sad decision for us as we have the fabric stocked with us now, but, it is creating an administration nightmare for pending orders, hence the decision.   If you can get the details to us within the next 2-3 days, please do that.
Some new dressy options added along with a very nice oxford:   Light Blue Dress Chambray$99.99 Light Powder Blue Twill$99.99 FAINT Blue Mini Herringbone$99.99 Faint Blue Pinpoint Oxford$99.99 Classic Oxford: Brown University Stripes$99.99 Cornflower Blue Bengal Stripes Twill$99.99
We get a lot of mails asking about restocking the Classic Grey Oxford. Got a small roll today.
 These were stocked with us and are now sold out.  We will add it but like most of our Minnis fabrics, sourced on demand. Will have to be at a different price point too. Will get it done this week.
 Can be attached to the pants/belt so that the shirt remains tucked.
You have described it correctly.
Added a nice new shirt fabric: The Faint Blue Pinpoint Oxford   It is the lightest shade of blue and is quiet dressy.    
 We will source the leather you would want. We work with a few suppliers/tanneries and can get a wide variety. Exotics are not covered though.  Best to send the details by email.
We are currently offering a promo for bespoke shoes. Made as you like it for $399. Order here.   We will be accepting only 5 orders.   The process: We start by making a last with your specifications and send you a test pair. Based on your feedback, the last is modified. We do this iterative process as many times as you would like. We include one iteration for free. For subsequent iterations, we charge you $75 per iteration. Bespoke shoes would be of the highest...
New Posts  All Forums: