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 Can be made as desired. The fabric is heavy, 22 Oz in weight but a very airy, soft weave.
Added the blue option for the New Fresco cotton  
 The one we are working with is probably a dealer. Some language issue for the "probably".  Certainly!  It would fade, gradually though. It will not be raw.
Heard from Japan.   If there is enough interest in the Heavy Woven Sashiko, we can procure the same and make jackets as desired. You can place your orders here.   Early bird price: $199.99   Once we reach 10 orders, we will revert to the original price of $400   If less than 10 orders received, we may choose to cancel the orders, depending on how the Japanese mill reacts to our request for fabric.    
Fabric was sent by the customer. Will certainly have more images added.
 Found the one below, 100% linen. $175 for the shirt. 
A little late in the day, but adding the new flannels from Grandi Rubinelli     Grandi & Rubinelli Flannel Grey Prussian Tartan Plaid Checks on White$149.99 Grandi & Rubinelli Flannel Olive Mini Micro Houndstooth Checks on White$149.99 Grandi & Rubinelli Soft Flannel Grey Cotton Twill Teddy$149.99 Grandi & Rubinelli Flannel Grey Light Prussian Gingham Checks on White$149.99 Grandi & Rubinelli Cotton Navy Grey Checks on White$149.99
 You would probably be aware, but, have seen people confuse the weight per square meter with the weight per linear meter. Most fabric rolls being 1.5m in width, the difference can be substantial. So, 9 Oz per linear meter will be 6OZ per square meter. Sadly, there ain't standardization enough.  True. Not the best breathable option if waterproofing is not a requirement.
 The lightest Ventile is 180 grams per sq meter (6 Oz) while the heaviest is 300 grams (10 Oz). The 10Oz(L28) is too heavy for pants. The L27, which is 9 Oz is probably the best option if heavy is preferred.
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