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 We think so too. A good lesson to learn.
Aqua Blue Oxford        
       We do have access to a wide variety of leather. One can send an email with the details of the desired type and we will revert with available options.  Takes about 8 weeks currently. We do stock the black calf that this jacket was made from.
Luxire Leather biker's jacket.  
Luxire Overcoat and duffle bag  
Available now.
         Wrinkle Free Travel Oxford: Indigo 79.99 Wrinkle Free Travel Oxford: Egg Nog Yellow 79.99 Wrinkle Free Travel Oxford: Olive Grey 79.99
 Whenever I write to them, they point me to the Indian resellers who mark the fabrics up by a few hundred percents. If anyone has a contact with the right sales people at Alumo, Albini etc, a PM will be helpful.
 Yes. Where the issue is genuine, we can work around it.  We have sent emails a few times.
New Posts  All Forums: