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Jacket made in the Luxire Yorkshire Tweed Loden Green    
 @sugarbutch knows us well :) Mouton is easy and can be dyed in the desired color. [[SPOILER]]  Alpaca or any other furs can be done as well.
 The "definite" answer is now yes. As many of us know, Luxire has been working on a new website since a long time. We had many failed attempts and false starts. We started a new exercise early this year and is progressing really well. Searches will work, ordering will be easy and most questions will be answered on the site. What we have not been able to finalize yet us the UX. We do have a couple of drafts we are working out of but are not really satisfied. If we get a...
 Opened it for pre-order here.  If 20 orders received, we will get the fabric made. 
 1. Will check, confirm and add some new images. 2. Ease of cleaning 3. Hand bar-tacks and stitching on the fly, pockets are standard currently 4. It is a bit saturated, not really pale blue.
^ On orders above $150 and only for items listed above.
Post SALE announcement FAQs:   1. Yes, order details can be provided later after placing order now. 2. Can the discount be applied to my previous orders? Sadly No
Announcing The Grand Luxire Autumn Sale   Use code AUTUMN2015 for 20% off on orders above $150, on ALL THESE ITEMS     6 Wale Plum Corduroy$99.99 Amazon Green Twill$89.99 Aqua Blue Canvas$89.99 Beige Black Herringbone$89.99 Black Overdyed Jeans$119.99 Blue Denim Slubby Chambray$79.99
Some nice shirts:     Khaki Brown Plaid Twill       Pink Navy Checks     Navy White Stripes Jersey
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