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 Improvements are a process. The idea of continuing to be better. One change we did was that we stopped making pants to supplied measurements. Pants pattern need a certain balance to fit well. Earlier, we would make the pants as ordered. In the new process, if the pattern maker is unhappy about the proportions, we consult with the customer and suggest changes. Still unhappy, we may ask for images of the customer or of the pants he is measuring. Finally, we move with what...
Will work for pants. Both silk and linen are hard wearing fibers. Also, Dugdale cloth are generally made to last. They are 9 Oz, 50% Linen, 50% Silk. 
 Completely agree on Dugdale. The new products they are coming up is all very nice too. 
 Absolutely! ---------------------------------------We have really improved our pants making process over the last few months. A lot of experiments were done with pattern making. The feedback these days is really good.  If pants made some time ago were not satisfactory, do a fresh start. Can suggest a trial order and ask us to make a new pattern. Also include fit images from previous pants, if previous pants are unaltered.
 On linen blends, we just received a new book from Dugdale with some very nice silk-linen cloths. Will try and post images next week. They will make good 3-season jackets.  Talking of jackets, our new jacket team is in place and we are seeing some great results. This is the step one of the Luxire bespoke service. Later this year, we intend to start traveling to different cities for bespoke orders. Fitting will be done in person during subsequent travel (planning every 2...
 Ending tomorrow.  The system end happened earlier today. We enabled it manually so that the sale can have the "ending today" feel. So, the sale will end across all time zones on Thursday 21st July.
Not to be accused of not listing during the sale, have listed our new Alumo fabrics. They need no introduction. Will add better images in a couple of days.     Alumo Supraluxe: Blue Dress Stripes$249.99 Alumo Sivano: Into the Milky White$249.99 Alumo Genio: Tilted Achromic$249.99 Alumo Genio Twill: Soft Azure$249.99 Alumo Selva: Baby Blue$249.99 Alumo Oxford: Soft Azure$199.99
Not worked with them so far. Is there anything particular you have in mind?
 Thank you! Minus the stiffness, looks likes a nice product to wear. Looks like the mid-section needs to go in but also the hip width should be reduced.  With leather, you can expect a bit more movement as compared to the canvas. How is the arm movement? The front chest looks a bit too wide. Should consider taking it in.The sleeve cap can be rounded a bit. Do send us an email with your final thoughts. Will get work started on the next trial.
 Did not receive the count and construction details from the mill. Will check with them. But, most fabrics from this mill are.    We have made some gloves. Do let us know what you need, we can make it for you.
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