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 We can last for all foot types. What we have learnt is that getting the fit of shoes right is an iterative exercise. We are now trying to get to the process for perfection and fitting that into the global online model.
 Not the same fabric, but similar.
 Immortalized by @timotune , copper chino is back as The New Copper Chino.
Thank you all. We shall pause the "December Shirt Special" now.
 We do have navy currently and ecru. We can dye into some more colors. The white triangle is elastic, for ease of wearing. Standard sizes as we see in stores and standard width. We will still need to source lasts but the difference will be that the standard ones can be reused for other orders as well.
They are nice, light and comfortable. The sole is oak leather, the upper is cotton canvas. Lining on these are denim, can be leather too. These would be $300 for custom, $150 in a standard size. The difference being cost of lasting.
Not received yet. They are busy too and promise to ship fabrics tomorrow. Once received, we will move quickly to fulfill them.  Looking good is also a worthy cause :)  
Sorry as it defeats the purpose of the promotion.
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