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We are working towards fulfilling alll open orders before the break.Let us see how that goes.
We are withdrawing the option to place multiple orders and then ask for shipping refund by combining orders.   Given different countries have different shipping terms and rates, these "choices of flexibility" are often misunderstood and misinterpreted, creating confusion.   No offense to anyone, just an administrative decision.
The eco option idea for packaging is very good.   If packing in just poly bags, we can also pass on the saving to the customer,  like what Whole Foods does. May be a $1 discount. Not a lot but still a reward.
 The essential design aspect was "discoverability" of features. One will discover what one needs and keep discovering.  If someone wants a simple fabric, a simple design and wants to provide basic measurements, he can do that without being bothered about the myriad set of options.Then, one wants to be able to specify a different type of collar. He can go to customize and select the collar. Then one wants to customize the collar, he can do that. Then one wants to build his...
Currency conversion on the new website is not exact, by design.   We are used to seeing prices as 100, or 99.99 or 95 or 94.99 or similar endings. A price like 73.87 seems too mathematical.   We thus do the conversion based on prevailing rates and then round it to a number that is easy to comprehend.   Hence, in every currency, the price is "local". So, 59.99 USD is 59.99 EUR, 49.99 GBP,  84.99 AUD and similar. The rounding is to the nearest 4.99 or 9.99. One can...
 That is a good point.  This forum and our customers have always helped shape the direction of our products and services. Luxire has always been that "collective clothing community".
 Thank you!  These are good bugs caught. The shoulder slope is indeed a mess. The bicep and armhole seem to be half of half instead of being just half. Good observation on the armhole differences. The armhole being very slightly as the shirt gets slimmer is by design. It is to elongate the sleeve-cap for a slimmer fit on the arms while allowing for some movements. Has worked well in our tests but will certainly be reviewed over time with feedback.
 Very nice points.  Each of these will be implemented.    Yes, the notes option is there but usage will be discouraged. Almost all customizations customers ask for are in the selectable options.For use #xxxx, we will be adding an option to load details from your own or someone else's order (with permission). Luxire Dress pants: Standard Hand work - Is the current default option  I believe there is no standard length provided so far for shorts. But is a good option to...
The beta of the new Luxire website is now available for early adapters.   A small set of product have been added and are order-able.  Successful orders will receive a 10% discount for bravery.  The site is safe and secure.   Do share your feedback and let us know about the difficulties/errors or confusions that occur.   We have not migrated your profile, your orders, your gift cards yet.   Beta.Luxire.com
 What we are moving towards is charging of taxes / VAT and either free or may be $10 for shipping. The change will apply to most of the countries we have customers in but not all. The packet will be shipped as duty pre-paid so it will arrive at the door without any additional invoices.  What we are trying to do is negotiate with Fedex and DHL to waive the $10/15/20 they charge as additional fees when paying duties. Once we have that, and with some other changes we are...
New Posts  All Forums: