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As we start working on a wider trunk show offering and presence, we are making a small change to the trunk show booking process.   Given the high cost of trunk shows, we now require that every customer visiting a trunk show commit to a minimum purchase or a jacket of $1500 in merchandise. The purchase needs to be made prior to booking the time. Can also be made in the form of a trunk-show only gift card.     Visiting the subsequent 1-2 trunk show for fitting will not...
Wishing all our customers, friends and fans a very happy 2017!  Thank you. Will get these fixed/added.
Fit advise image tips:   Take images from front, back and both sides with camera at shoulder height for shirts and hip height for pants. The model should not be the photographer, ideally. Do not crop the images. Let the full garment be seen in all images.   Do not draw those ugly circles to highlight the issue. They hide more than they reveal.   The garment should be freshly washed, ironed worn and photographed. Do not take pictures after wearing the garment all day....
 Yes, if the invoice value is greater than $800
Tax change is a conscious process of decision making.   After having the basics in place over our cooperation in the last few years, what we are working towards now is a better customer experience: Easy to use and informative website, products of the highest quality, excellent choice at low prices, easy ordering, shorter and predictable wait times, smooth and stress-free delivery, excellent and responsive customer service and longevity of product life.   To achieve...
 We do work with Holland & Sherry and can order the item you would like.
 VAT is paid by the courier company and billed to us. The invoices we receive from them have the header as "import vat". The idea is to make the experience seamless. We have said it in the past and have been trying. When you order something, the mind should look forward to the garment and not to whether one would receive another invoice from the courier.
Shipping policy change: Shipping fee to most of Europe is now $10   Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Italy, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom: $10 flat shipping. Duties paid by Luxire. At checkout, customer is billed VAT.     We will test this over the next few weeks. Also have a...
 Canclini fabrics arrived late but are here now.
 Replacing collars or cuffs of our shirts or any other feasible alterations are services that are part of our standard offering, hence, can certainly be done at a nominal cost. Sky Blue Oxford is a super quick moving fabric. We may, in all probability, not have fabric from the same batch.  You can send the shirt/s to us and we can try and do a close match. You can send us an email and we can discuss the specifics.
New Posts  All Forums: