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Copper buttons should be here in about 2 weeks. I am also tempted to get the rivets plated with a silver finish. Will try getting that done.
We did get some silver button samples and they are currently being used on some jeans, till stocks last. More buttons are in production in silver, copper and black. These are the best jeans buttons available. No brand uses any better. Rivets: No breakthrough yet. We are working with 3 companies who are making us samples, but nothing has looked promising. We will continue using our real copper, hand hammered rivets while we look for a worthy successor. Our current rivets...
Has been sent for the wash. We should have it back later this week.
Thank you Osiris2012. Color of the leather can be sourced as desired.
Another bag got completed today:  
@johanm @Portabiti   The one in the image below was made last year.  
 AchtungBaby07, completely open to both your ideas. Will like to learn more. Fabric can be made as desired.
Suit jacket in Minnis Fresco Blue Plain    
We made a pair of boat shoes using nubuck leather.    
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