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 Looks to be this: Grandi & Rubinelli Navy Gingham Oxford
Some Shirts made recently.    
Our experiments with bags continue...this one is made with unbleached canvas and full grain leather.  
 Fern Green Chino The Grey checks is not on the site yet.
Couple of shorts        
Red Blue Tartan - Twill Flannel     Navy White Gingham Classic Oxford  
 We have made it a few times before. Just the image will be enough. Best would be to request pre-washed. We do not wash denim products by default as some like them raw. Will hold a crease. The error was corrected.  It is best to ship in a Pak, the plastic cover that shipping companies provide. These are light and safe. You can add the item in another protective poly case for added safety. Best to avoid any internal packaging like cardboard or form packaging. These increase...
Indigo Canvas Pants - Part canvas, part Oxford, part Chambray   My personal favorite among the casual pants fabrics we have. Simply amazing.    
Four nice pairs of pants:   The Blue Stripes Seersucker, Indigo Canvas, Chocolate Brown Canvas and Brisbane Moss Cream Canvas    
 Yes, will add some more images next week and beyond. Sending a partially finished jacket for trial is optional for additional $100 per cycle, including 2-way shipping. Some kind of trial mock is an option too. We too are fascinated by the process of making jackets. Our offering is still in its infancy. We will standardize the process and add them as a product on our site soon.
New Posts  All Forums: