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 Ending tomorrow.  The system end happened earlier today. We enabled it manually so that the sale can have the "ending today" feel. So, the sale will end across all time zones on Thursday 21st July.
Not to be accused of not listing during the sale, have listed our new Alumo fabrics. They need no introduction. Will add better images in a couple of days.     Alumo Supraluxe: Blue Dress Stripes$249.99 Alumo Sivano: Into the Milky White$249.99 Alumo Genio: Tilted Achromic$249.99 Alumo Genio Twill: Soft Azure$249.99 Alumo Selva: Baby Blue$249.99 Alumo Oxford: Soft Azure$199.99
Not worked with them so far. Is there anything particular you have in mind?
 Thank you! Minus the stiffness, looks likes a nice product to wear. Looks like the mid-section needs to go in but also the hip width should be reduced.  With leather, you can expect a bit more movement as compared to the canvas. How is the arm movement? The front chest looks a bit too wide. Should consider taking it in.The sleeve cap can be rounded a bit. Do send us an email with your final thoughts. Will get work started on the next trial.
 Did not receive the count and construction details from the mill. Will check with them. But, most fabrics from this mill are.    We have made some gloves. Do let us know what you need, we can make it for you.
 The fabric does have a bit of a sheen, not shiny, but a rich look. It is 100% cotton by Monti, so the sheen is from the quality of the cotton as well as processing.
Added some more business shirt fabrics. These are 100% Giza, very nice and soft. Also easy to iron.   Royal Blue Micro Gingham$89.99 Black Micro Gingham$89.99 Navy Micro Gingham$89.99 Grey Micro Houndstooth$99.99 Classic Blue Bloom Print on White$99.99 Classic Navy Royal Oxford$119.99
Luxire is having its summer sale, with some nice bargains to be had.  
 The 12Oz holds good crease. The 14Oz is not bad either. Created this small video to show the crease on a 14.5 Oz fabric with a 10 pound iron. When the tailor irons for a crease on pants, the pressure and style is different, resulting in a sharper crease. 
 Let us get started then: Created the product here: Quantity of one meter or fractions can be added to cart. Multiples can be increased on the cart page. So, for 4.5 m, can can add 1.0 meter and 0.5 meter to cart,  then change quantity of 1m to 4, for a total of 4.5m  Offering 4 variants to begin with: 510036 and 3 fawn/oatmeal options which are popular currently on Luxire.  
New Posts  All Forums: