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 This is more of a "ready-to-wear" kind of a service. The style is set, the inseam length is set. Priced accordingly. The customer selects the fabric, the waist size and checks out. No notes. For shorts in other fabrics, we have the completely customizable option like the one used for pants.
Summer Leisure Shorts are here   Standard 8" inseam, soft elastic waistband with draw string, 2 side pockets.   Introductory price $49.99    
 Most lasts are here, trial shoes are being shipped every week. We should have the first set of trials shipped to all customers in another 3 weeks.  Yes, for many orders.
Navy polka dots.  
 This may not work well for pants, but, will make pajamas that will be difficult to take off :)  We have a knitted denim fabric that is made for pants. Will share an image soon.
 How does this feel? A gem from Japan. Indigo on one side, grey on the other. Herringbone weave with an interesting slubby look. Available here(as shirt) and here(as pants). 
Every once in a while, we come across a fabric that amazes us. This is one such fabric. Knitted natural indigo, with a tiny bit of a seersucker feel. Beautiful, unique and comfortable. Available here.    
Black overdyed jeans now available, 13oz weight, non selvedge.  
 Yes, we do get such requests often. Initially from the vintage clothing enthusiasts but now for regular collar styles as well. No price differential. Additional collars are $20 in most fabrics.    Our star cutter had taken a long holiday and the one of the senior ones was on leave too. Both are now back and things are moving with the pants.  Shirts should still be shipped in a week. We have some spare capacity there currently. The delays are often due to procedural issues...
 There are quite a few options which I will share soon, but, this came to mind almost instantly after reading your post. At about 7 oz, can be used for nice shirt jacket, chore shirt or work shirt. Will also make great pants. Really like the fabric. 
New Posts  All Forums: