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We inform you with deepest sorrow of the loss of our family member last week. Ashish is thus on leave till the end of this month. Though normal operations are going on at Luxire, some issues that require his personal intervention may be delayed slightly. We hope for your prayers and cooperation during this moment of sorrow.
They are available.We do not stock them but source them from HFW on order. Such orders are generally fulfilled in 3-4 weeks.
Got an email from an id  j***.mi.t***esjr , which bounced on reply. As the mail referenced this thread, please write to us and let us know your correct id :)
 Have not received the Grandi and Alumo seersucker swatches yet.  Had seen them at the Unica fair recently and do not recollect all the colors they had. At present, have swatches of the first and last option in the Canclini seersuckers.
 Seersuckers from Canclini. Grandi and Alumo have some too. Seersuckers are the flavor of the season. White on white is now very popular. @emptym has been the trendsetter. 
We have stopped collecting VAT/taxes/duties from European customers for now. Working on a better way of managing this as the duty payment process has been a bit unpredictable.   So, for orders from customers in Europe, shipping will remain $10 and no duties will be levied.   In case duties are charged, they will be billed to the customer directly by the courier.
 I missed your earlier post, apologies. Lot of velvet options from Redaelli, covering most of the popular shades. We do have a wine option in-house. We also have cotton-sateen weave from Brisbane Moss in a few shades. Apart from these, there are also  some ceremonial wool options from Delfino.
 After this round in Europe, NY is the next stop.  Hopefully April.
Trunk show update:   16th to 20th March in Zurich, Stockholm and possibly Oslo.   As announced earlier, each customer is required to make a pre-booking by either ordering a jacket or $1500 in trunk-show-only gift cards.   Based on the bookings or expression of interest, we will plan on the detailed schedule for each city.   More details will be provided later this week.
 As you have already made the choice, I can safely say, I wear a jacket in this fabric and is my current favorite. Also excellent during travel as hardly creases and versatile.
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