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 This forum is probably the best place. We have been bad at taking pictures and keeping a good record of them. We regret that too. Hopefully things will improve over time.
 Did we make that collar? You make us look good. Thank you.
Sand quilted jacket with fleece lining  
 @luxire used to work. But these days, we get no notifications, do not know why. We did not change our settings. But, we do read all posts here, no no issues.
 There were constant issues with customs in Canada, Switzerland and Norway and we would often receive inflated bills, exceeding the value paid by the customer for the order. Hence the change. We are trying to work with another company, that is very active in Canada, to get this streamlined and better manged. this should enable us to go back to the previous model of all duties paid shipping. For Europe, we are working on a better solution too. If these get signed the way it...
Shirt with a contrast lined band collar in the Red Black Grey Tattersall fabric.      
Nice interview. Never met Carl, but see him as an inspiration. His posts here are often very educating.   Hoping to meet him someday.   Thank you for publishing this.
 Can be washed for a similar shade. Will recommend this.
A suit will be 3 items, 2 for the jacket and one for the pants. The idea though is to divide them into weight categories. A shirt would fall in the half kg category. A pair of pants can be in the half or one kg categories. A suit jacket can be in the 1 kg or higher categories. We are billed by the carriers in 0.5 kg increments.
We often see many new launches of clothing brands, many of them do a great job in creating and presenting wonderful items and almost all try hard to remain trendy.   What sometimes catches the eye is some moving away from the trend, creating something that is still wonderful, without confirming to the standards of trends that we like to see them in.   One such bold and creative launch that we were thankfully introduced to is accessories by Thomas Mark Heritage by our...
New Posts  All Forums: