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 We can make pure cotton t-shirts. We recently bought a good range of single jersey fabrics and are in the process of making those available on the website.
 Will take some time. Ideally, we would like to have everything online instantly. Sadly, the process is lengthy and time consuming.  Jackets will be $650.
While talking of all the fine stuff, I would like to ask about  interest in the "not-so-fine" items.   We cam across fabric that is 70% 120s wool and 30% Polyester. The feel is good and looks almost like wool pants.   The advantage of such fabrics is that they are easy to maintain. Easy wash, quick dry and easy iron. They do not wrinkle a lot and look decently crisp at the end of the day.   If there is some interest, we can offer those for pants in the $99-$129...
Thomas Mason fabrics are now available.  
 That is an obvious thought that will come to mind, but, we have not reached a stage that we can have a theme song.
Merci! Tres bien.That brings a thought to mind, will send a PM.
 Our backlog created by the VBC fabric delay is near over now. We should be able to ship newer pants orders in about 2 weeks for fabrics we have in stock and orders without complications.   Sadly no. Our stock of real-time order fabric swatches gets built when people order garments in those fabrics. With H&S, it will take some time.
 Thank you for sharing the video @clapeyron. Wonderful music @thefoxtooth     Entschuldigungen! The link is in the drop down that opens when we hover the cursor over shirts.   
 We do work with Scabal. If you need something in particular, we can get it for you.
And some more shirts: The shirts can be shipped in a week so that some good wear can happen this season.   Linen: Red Candy Stripes$129.99 Linen: Grey Gingham$129.99 Linen: Salmon Pink Gingham$129.99 Linen: Red Graph Checks$129.99 Linen: Navy Graph Checks$129.99 Linen: Green Candy Stripes$129.99
New Posts  All Forums: