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Answering my part of the question with authority: Anything that can be done, will be done. For the others, my thoughts:1. The tab in the image is just a replacement of the cufflink. 2. The collar and the tie were supposed to hide the neck from being visible. Showing any part of the male body apart from the face was not considered to be "formal" enough. The rest is just our faith in history. 3. I "believe" white studs, originally mother-of-pearl, were the standard for white...
 Always willing to try. Please send email with details and images of what you have in mind. May not even be an upcharge or may be small for the early mover.  We have those from Brisbane Moss called Keats. Really nice and heavy twill at 13 Oz.  Some shades here. Please send email and we will send you more details.  We have those too. Available over email.
 Dear @styleforum , we need better spam filters. @emptym
Please take your debate to customer service over email for resolution. You can continue posting here as much as you want about the issue though.
 If waist measurement is provided, we make the shirt accordingly. Darts are added when requested and done to reduce the back of the waist. If the desired waist measurement is net after the darts, the same should be mentioned in the notes. Ideally, such details should be clear on the website, which we are working on as well. Is also a challenge in a "notes" like ordering environment where "anything is possible".
 Certainly looks off, unless there are darts or other types of reductions at the back.
Most of the whites that were out of stock are now back again.
Added another image to post
 No such plans as we have not cancelled many orders. Most customers replied with the details or discussed plans for sending them. Only a few were cancelled and those fabrics are being absorbed for other internal purposes.
Luxire carcoat in Brisbane Moss Corduroy:      
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