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 If you send us an email, will have someone take pictures and reply to the mail.
This was posted on our thread on TheFedoraLounge:  Originally Posted by herringbonekid Spearpoint collars with a stand weren't designed to be worn open at the neck. in fact any collar with a stand doesn't lie well when open.the American casual shirts of the 30s-40s-50s solved these problems with the stand-less 'convertible' collar of this type:you can still have long pointy collars, but they lie nice and flat when open.----------------
 There are a few options that we have. As "heavy" jeans is the norm among aficionados, we didn't dare to offer lighter options. We are working on even heavier ones.
 I think these are only ones that are offered as a stock service currently.  Will need to check that. We may just standardize to a single type of premium MOP to keep things simple.
No you are not. I see our customer service system has a few long pending emails, most of which are fit advise. As she has a dependency on a few more people to reply to those, they are not moving as fast as she wants. Other mails seem to be replied to quickly.
Shirt jacket in Navy Linen:  
Off-White Bull Denim Jeans     Hand-hammered copper rivets
Molloy and Sons tweeds - Now available at Luxire   Pants will be $250, Jackets and coats: $650, Overcoats: $800   The available design options are here.     0702 154 Molloy & Sons 1   Pattern #0701 07 Molloy & Sons 1   Pattern #0701 06 Molloy & Sons 3
Pale Indigo Printed Wabash         Blue Stripes Seersucker Pants  
 This forum is probably the best place. We have been bad at taking pictures and keeping a good record of them. We regret that too. Hopefully things will improve over time.
New Posts  All Forums: