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Will be traveling to Lugano for a conference on 3D body measurement techniques. Hoping that some day, we can do away with the measuring tapes.   Also planning on spending some time around Naples to pickup some good fabric and trims.   Will remain accessible over email but mail replies may be slow at times.   Production, shipping and most of customer service will be running as usual.
We are working on adding a few more buckle options. These belts will be about $100 each.
We made a belt. 4mm Oxblood Bridle from Thomasware. Brass buckle. No adhesive, no joints. A single piece of solid leather.
 Hi Frank, we got washed the moleskin jacket we had. It came out amazingly soft. Out of this world soft. What we did not get was the pronounced fade we were looking for. We only got a light fade along the edges. The washing unit said they had no experience with fade-washing such material. So, we have given them some other moleskin items to experiment. I think it will work, but need more time to confirm.
 Also, why and how will the reader believe those posts or messages, when they feel the need to raise the same queries again? What do we put there? A certificate from an agency that our workers are treated well? The same certificates that adorn the walls of JCPenney and Zara offices? But, I will be glad to link on the site the details that our dear customers will post in different places after they visit us. Today, an unhappy worker need not stay in the factory for even an...
 GS, you will read a lot of things in a lot of places. What brands were being manufactured in the factory that collapsed? JCPenney, Benetton, Zara among others. It is we who exploit these workers, looking for the cheapest option for our clothes. Our corporations, our constant push for better share performance every quarter. Did we stop buying these brands? No. Is it not so much easier to go hammer and tongs over a small business with some fake concern over some imaginary...
 If you have taken offense due to your interpretation, please discuss.Also, please read my comment with reference to the comment on monkeys. Some of the points raised have been already been discussed a few times here. Have extended invitations here a few times for customers who would want to visit and see things for themselves. It is the best way to find answers. I find the whole discussion about worker exploitation laughable as in today's regulatory environment, a factory...
 @ErikJN, instead  of the "couple of hours", you will need to spend a couple of months in our facility to clear some of the trash in some of heads. I seriously think though, if some of these intelligentsia have so much concern about global well-being, why do they not take the trip first before ordering, instead of piling their brain-dump on someone else who is taking the effort? This they do after enjoying the "cheaper" clothes for ages.  
Some more leather goods:   Holdall:   Ladies bowling bag:       Laptop bag for men:  
 Your mail has been replied to. As your original order stated had 2-button cuffs, we went ahead with the same. Though you also selected button-down for the collar and added Tuxedo shirt in the notes. Customers do ask for barrel or single cuffs for tuxedos and hence we were not sure. But we should have asked.-------------------------------------- General Request to customers: Please DO NOT make loose selections of features you do not want. Just go with custom option and...
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