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 Thank you mate. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and members of your family. Made it home safely last evening and looking forward to starting work on these orders today.
Quick Shirt Sale. 20% Off on all these option, on order of 2 or more shirts. Some great bargains to be had. Use code OCTOSALE   Indigo Canvas Oxford$99.99 Orange Oxford$79.99 Orange Houndstooth$99.99 Dutch Orange Mini Checks On White$79.99 Rose Pink Light Gingham$79.99 Red University Stripes Oxford$79.99
 Currently no. We intend to offer just 2 styles of shoes initially: Penny loafer and a style of brogued oxfords. Both these are with leather soles.
These are part of our Made-to-order shoes offerings we launched recently. Available in standard sizes and quick turn-around. The penny loafers are here. 
 Do not have an answer as nothing planned so far.  We are taking things as they come. What we know is that we will be in Oslo, Stockholm and Zurich a couple of times more before Christmas, primarily for trials of current orders.  By then end of the year, we hope to have a good idea on how the process is working.  
Hopefully early next year. The current focus is on delighting our first set of trunk show customers. Keeping fingers crossed.
  Thank you @EFV. Was indeed vey  nice meeting you. Looking forward to seeing you again in 3 weeks.  
We still have the tie-up with the maker but I think we are spoiled by the high standards we set, which we are only able to achieve when manufacturing on our own. As the requirements of making sweaters are different in terms of manufacturing and team, it is not our priority for now. Will revisit it later, may be in a year.  6-8 weeks.  Many options on different weights, compositions and textures are available. If you send us an email, we will be glad to share the details.
Some more Cotton Chino options added, filling the gap between sold-out shades and some that we did not have earlier.   Dobby Cotton Lycra: Luscious Off-White$129.99 Peat Green Canvas$99.99 Dark Army Green Cotton Twill$99.99 Dark Peat Green Canvas$99.99 Twill Cotton: Blanch Green$119.99 Cotton Twill: Dark Peacock Blue$99.99
 Sadly no. Will probably take another month and be available in time for Thanksgiving.
New Posts  All Forums: