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Dugdale has a few Wool-Mohair hopsack options, 9.5Oz, called Mocklino. They are good fabrics.   They also have a few 100% Mohair cloth in similar weight. Images below are of 100% Mohair.          
 Luxire Summer Leisure Shorts 
 Works in our tests so far. Is a new feature though and there may be some technical glitches. We will iron them out over the next few days.
Added the WishList feature. Click on the Red heart next to the customize/buy button to add to wishlist. The list can be accessed by clicking on "My Wishlist" at the top, right of the screen.  
 @north - The comments below are not pointed towards you, they are just generic as we see the malady often.====================================================================================Why those big, red  lines? If there are issues with the fit, am sure they will be visible without the highlighting. If they are not visible and if they need to be highlighted, they are no issue at all. Best to describe the issue in words, or if necessary, a small arrow outside the body...
Fabrics received from Fox for the first orders. These certainly feel like the best flannels they are reputed to be.    
   If this is still of interest. We invited the Club Burgoyne people to our office and they visited yesterday. Was told that the fabric is made in India with yarn imported from Ireland. Were only exporting earlier, recently entered the Indian market. Saw some their collections, was not too impressed. Bought a few styes as courtesy for their visit. Anybody wants anything in particular from them, let me know. Else, you are not really missing anything.
Linen-Cotton Canvas added. Can make good pants and casual jackets. Excellent choice of colors.   Linen Cotton Canvas: Burnt Brick Orange$129.99 Linen Cotton Canvas:Brown$129.99 Linen Cotton Canvas: Indigo Blue$129.99 Linen Cotton Canvas:Off White$129.99 Linen Cotton Canvas: Shadow Blue$129.99 Linen Cotton Canvas:Cream$129.99
I will probably add a little bit more room to the hips. That is the only reason that comes to mind for pleats opening in an ironed pair of trousers. Ironing is an integral part of clothing.
 We are working on it now. Hiring people who will be primarily dedicated to uploading fabrics on the site. The new website is also in progress(better chance of success this time). It will enable uploading easier for us and searching easier for you.  This is similar.
New Posts  All Forums: