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 The Fresco is back, in Apple and in a 6 more colors. Listing them soon.
 If you want a really drab, casual shirt, the Madapolam can be recommended.
 Good question. Like we do not have a marketing team, we also do not have a statistics or analytics team. I would imagine about a third will be from SF.
 Very thoughtful, thank you.Today, ordering from Luxire is an "acquired skill".  A lot of "people on the street" cannot just visit our website and place an order. The site is complicated and difficult. A lot if that can improve. As for making and delivering what we have been doing, we have been on SF too long to be able to change that. Our customer, who have held our hand in each step on the way will not let that slip happen. But, a lot is changing at Luxire. Most All of...
 We have almost all of these. An indigo knit, blue wool checks, All Alumo fabrics, many indigos and light denim options, many flannel checks in similar designs, the equivalent of "Italian Milled Boiled Lambswool  donegal". The only one that I will need to search a bit within our fabrics is the greenish "cotton flannel". But yes, it is not easy to order from our website.  "The new website" should change that a bit initially and more gradually.  When is it coming? We are now...
 The super number denotes just a part of the fabric construction. We often hear the term micron as well with it, denoting the compactness of the yarn.  A combination of yarn strength, count, construction, weave and post processing can be used for making distinct fabrics using the same type of base material. Often see fabrics, in 180s/200s wool, woven compact for natural sheen, layered weave, that feel soft to the touch but still be strong and durable.
There is a subtle Blackwatch among them:  
 That is the reason EThomas stands out to us. Their fabrics never feel filmsy. They are well constructed and can take some beating. The mill was started by a British family to make sturdy fabrics that could be used in war and harsh conditions. Though they have evolved, the ethos of sturdiness has remained. Another item that we are excited about a flannel made by Drago, called "Rugby flannel". It is another solid item with a great feel. We are hopeful of having them late...
Add our best and widest collection of fabric today, from EThomas. Available for both pants and jackets:   Links for: PANTS   &    JACKETS --------------------------------------------- Fabrics are instock and ready to order. --------------------------------------------- Not much room for introductory discount but customs need to be followed: 10% using code ETHOMAS , this week only. ----------------------------------------------     EThomas Summer Wool: Grey Mini...
 Will come to your town to see you my friend, hopefully soon.  
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