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For hidden button-down, we also offer the option of magnets. We will make a small  pocket on the underside of the collar for the magnet. You can insert the magnet in it and attach another to the inside of the shirt body.   Magnets will be provided too, 4 for $10.
  Some New Linen Dress Shirts For Summer  
 Lined but unfused.
2 new Linen Gingham Added:     Indigo Blue Mini Gingham     Aqua Blue Mini Gingham
We also gave the dummy a white make-over.
May not be your style, if not, what a pity :)        
 I think the tag is wrong, the fabric is actually the Slubby Chambray while your's is the Brembana.
That's his shirt. Can make you one like that though. He is our head of operations, Mr. Kabir Gupta.
That is not the one. It was one of the several options we worked on but did not see it going well.   Functionally, the new site is looking like in the attached screenshots.   We have added a lot of small options based on what are often requested.   The profile section will store all your previous order details and you can create multiple profiles.        
Available now.
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