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 The suit ordering process is not included in this release. Based on the feedback we receive for the beta, we will chart the next set of plans.  Most of the suit module is complete though and we need to just do the finishing.  We have had to do some changes to the program schedule due to the initial unavailability of the designer.   Later this week, will make a decision on our travel dates for Stockholm/Oslo. 22nd to 26th September are the likely dates. For the eSpoke...
The new website  beta will hopefully go live in the coming week.   We have a section for featured reviews. There, we will be showing a customer image of the garment and the review.   Please share your image and review for the section. Selected images and reviews will win $50 gift card.   ----------------------------------------------------   The home page will have a main image carousel, featuring some good image with nice clothes and location. Do share your...
THEY ARE HERE.....FINALLY!   Alumo Cashmerello. The complete collection. A unique blend of cotton and cashmere.  Introductory offer, use code CASHMERELLO for 20% off.     Cashmerello Alumo: Off White Orange Macro Tattersall$249.99 Cashmerello Alumo: Blue Cotton Mini Herringbone$249.99 Cashmerello Alumo: Black Cotton Twill$249.99 Cashmerello Alumo: Off White Green Tattersall$249.99 Cashmerello Alumo: White Cotton Twill$249.99 Cashmerello Alumo:...
 We try and match the texture of the white fabric to the body fabric from among the fabrics we have available. You can also choose from among the Luxire fabrics.
Minnis Flannel Fawn and Light Fawn have arrived:  
 If mills send us tags, we gladly apply them to garments. The supply of tags is erratic though. Also, sometimes 160s fabric will come with 110s tag or vice versa. Difficult to manage.  Pricing is indeed good. We do not work with them though. Never heard of them before this.
 Except for the camo and some of the printed denim chambrays, nothing really comes to mind. There are a lot of printed fabrics for pants in the market but we have chosen to stay away so far.
Front view: The cuffs were kept slightly longer as linen tends to hold crease and creased sleeve may appear short. It seems we overdid it. Will have it corrected on this jacket too.   BTW, shirt, pants, shoes, tie, pocket square are all Luxire too.  
 Thanks! The jacket is linen. The person we are working on is a bit hard to fit. The puff on the chest is due to the shape of body. We chose to keep the padding to minimal. The next iteration is being done in wool.  Will post images hopefully in a week.
The first Luxire bespoke jacket in the wild. We are still working on refining some parameters but looks like a good start. Do share thoughts.
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