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 Certainly not normal. We had 3 days off last week and another day off yesterday. Some mails have piled up. Also, we are having a new person start on Monday to exclusively manage emails and create a team around the function. Once they come upto speed, these issues will no longer arise. Please bear with us.
 Most mails are being replied to rather quickly, few mails have been stuck as we have not been able to coordinate the legwork(or head-work) those mails require for a reply. We should get through such mails next week.
Just came across these pages for our pants and shirts.   Was aware that we were pinning but did not realize that the activity has created such a nice small treasure.   Excellent work by our digital team.  
 Readily available.
 Not added to the website yet. We are currently making swim and water sports clothing for women. Your question was thus timely.  Please send email.  Carvico's range is wide and quality excellent. We had announced these last year when we had received the fabrics. As there was no interest shown then, we did not put much effort either.
 We have microfiber stretch fabrics from Carvico, Italy. These are probably the best performance fabrics in the world. Can be used for making shirts, shorts and would make great underwear as well.
 We can make the shade lighter using different wash processes. If you let us know over email the desired shade, can suggest the right fabric. Brisbane Moss chambrays are very nice and perfectly suitable for work shirt styling. Real work shirt should have a slightly heavier fabric though.
 Still needs some work sadly. We are currently working on adding the cotton flannels, the basic whites and blues and closing some of the gaps in our standard offering. We will probably get to the Albini again in September.
 We do have navy and maroon cotton flannels. We have also just received a cream which we will be adding. Shirts can be made in any of the wool flannels we offer for pants. If you have any particular colors or patterns in mind, do let us know.
We are now offering the canvas measurement sampler with peacoats and overcoats as well for $75  
New Posts  All Forums: