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Ca you please send an email with images that best describe the issues. We can then let you know how we can achieve the desired results.
Visited the Carlo Riva factory today and was very pleased to see their commitment to quality. Shirting a are stored in a very nice room and cared like "good cigar". Collection is small but very nice. We have bought some fabrics and will be posting images soon. Introductory prices of shirts will begin at $199.99. But, the place is a real heaven for tie lovers. 150 years of history just keeps flowing in front of amazed eyes till one loses the capability to differentiate...
 We can try. Am traveling currently, will try talking to them on my return next week.
 The fabric was sent by the customer, CMT.
        Luxire casual shirts in cotton flannel Navy Cotton Flannel Consists of band collar with 1″ collar band height, 1 3/8″ rear collar band height and single button cuffs. Buttons: Metal buttons. Maroon Cotton Flannel Consists of button down collar with 2.5″ collar points, 2.5″ collar spread, 1 1/8″ front collar band height, 1 3/8″ rear collar band height and single button cuffs. Buttons: Coconut shell buttons.
Button-Down shirt in Sky Blue Oxford    
 It seems it will need to be an act of patience. If you send an email with images, we can revert with a video of how we can remove the stay. You can then try the same.
 Do send us an email with the list of fabrics that interest you. We will reply with stock status and similar items.
 Nothing planned currently. Unable to think of a good theme/product-set to offer. Any ideas?
Some of the checks we recently added.     Luxire shirt constructed in Earth Tone Madras Checks   Luxire casual shirt constructed in Black Orange Checks Herringbone         Luxire shirt constructed in Bottle Green Navy Cream Tartan Checks Oxford
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