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 Not a big fan of too much standardization. We do rarely see shirts that have 18L buttons. Keeping that in mind, we did procure 18L buttons. Everytime we place order for buttons, we also buy a small set of 18L buttons. But, seldom does anyone order them. The good part is that, here, we can all do our own thing.
 Studied the recent customer sample shirts that are from some very well regarded brands, from tailors including Napolisimisura. Found that they have buttons that are 16L in diameter, 4mm thick. Pretty much standard across the brands.
 There are 2 new navy piques, one has a fleece back, called midnight blue pique. Will update the detail and add back of fabric image to it as well. Both are very good fabrics. The older navy pique will be removed from the site. Agree on the duplication though. One of the many issues we are working on addressing.    Will revert   Most of the piques are non-lycra and do not stretch much.  Measurements should not change in our recommendation form a standard slim shirt.
 The general recommendation is always measurements similar to a slim woven shirt, adjusting the length. We do the required adjustments for armhole, and sleeves if making a half-sleeved shirt.
 The linen-cotton was made to our specifications and is of very good quality. With linen being a component, some amount of stiffness can be expected. The feedback for these have been excellent. The 4 soft pique options: Marsala, Blue, Grey and white were made to our specifications as well. They are very good too.  In the newly added collection, most of the fabrics are of very high quality and a wide variety. The white jersey will make some good comfort clothing and boxers....
Knitted fabrics added for polos, rugbys, t-shirts, boxers etc.   Baby Pink Pique$69.99 $129.99 Black Jersey$69.99 $129.99 Black Grey Geometric Print Jersey$69.99 $129.99 Grey White Wide Stripes Jersey$69.99 $129.99 Sky Blue Pique$99.99 $129.99
Adding some more Dugdale options. Attractive discount on the first few purchases. Very limited quantities. Some of the tweeds and checks will make excellent jackets as well.     Dugdale Navy Windowpane Twill$99.99 $199.99 Duugdale Grey Windowpane$99.99 $199.99 Dugdale Black Twill with Red Pinstripes$99.99 $199.99 Dugdale Charcoal Grey Windowpane Twill$99.99 $199.99 Dugdale Grey Pinstripes on Midnight Grey$99.99 $199.99
 We got it wrong. Apologies. We will refund the payment for the swatch. Please send an email.
 Great! Thank you for the feedback. Added Navy as an option.  
 I look forward to seeing these images in emails for the next few years with people asking for this same fit.
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