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 We received the first last last week. The trial is in progress. Other lasts should arrive over the next 2-3 weeks.
Thank you JubeiSpiegel. Yes, embossed calf.
 It is still a very good deal. VBC makes some really good cloth. Was reading about them in blogs here and here.
 $249.99, many of these VBC items are subsidized/discounted by about  ~$100
The 4 VBC hopsack options are very unique. The weight, the feel, the weave are all very interesting. The colors are great too.   The weave is very Fresco like, but much more airy. Compared to the Fresco, the yarn is slightly thicker, making them not as see through.   At the offer price of $149.99, they are an amazing bargain.
 These do not wear too warm. But, will be out of action during the warmest days of the year. In places like NY, they would remain unused for about a month.
Yes, available
 S120s Flannel
Items adding to cart in the background.
 Discount valid on Jackets too. Will be $600 / $700 in the fabrics in the 2 price ranges.  Yes, can be done.
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