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 Bulk of the fabrics arrived last week. We have started work on many orders. Some fabric still to arrive. Also received some additional fabric which we will be offering on sale soon.
 Yes. We do all our quilting in-house and use Thermolite for wadding unless required otherwise for the item.
 The Navy Yellow Red Madras
 Made of shrunken calf leather.  Details here.
We do like to talk about things happening in our studio. Will and share a picture of the roll, which we expect will be huge and heavy! We are currently taking orders though so there is no real need to wait for the arrival of the cloth.
 We got a small length. The bigger rolls need to go through a lot more paperwork and are currently on the way.
Yes, jackets are being made in the same fabric. A few are in progress.
As our sashiko jacket was of some interest to you guys, thought of sharing the newest addition:     Portfolio bag in natural indigo sashiko and tan leather                        
Portfolio bag in natural indigo sashiko and tan leather                
iPhone case made in shrunken calf leather. Slim, light and durable. Also teasing the Luxire Sashiko portfolio bag  
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