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 Will share a picture of the skin tomorrow. But, to give an idea, the leather for the bag below was also made in the same color. It is not too deep navy. We do have another deeper shade as in the jacket image below.   
 That looked like a technical error. The pricing of standard jacket has been corrected to $775. Also, leather choices have been added for the standard options.
Do write an email. The knowledgeable and experienced ladies in our design team will be able to guide you.
Fresh polos are here. Apart from favorites like navy, grey white, black, blue, many other colors have been added.   Use code POLOTIME for 20% off. Start here.         Ash Grey Soft Pique$99.99 Baby Blue Fine Summer Pique$89.99 Black White Heather$119.99 Blue Pique$89.99 Bluish Grey Heather Pique$89.99 Bright Red Pique$99.99
Some of our sweaters were shipped recently. We have been satisfied with the outcome so far.      
For real bike jackets, we can add abrasion resistance/kevlar fabric at elbow and shoulder joints. These fabrics are sourced from Schoeller, Switzerland and are of the highest quality.
Getting some more color options in plain. Had the opportunity to wear cotton-linen canvas pants when traveling to a very warm part of India. Really liked how they felt. Sadly, not much patterns are seen in cotton-linen. We did get some good fabrics in linen. Need to work on having those posted on the site.
 We are redoing the complete listings. Adding almost all items we have, thus removing what we do not. Also, reviewing the out-of-stock items to see what needs to be bought again.
 We do have a very similar fabric, with a bit of a seersucker feel. If you send an email, we can send you images.
 We have waffle knit in white and navy. A white gown with navy piping is the first thing that comes to mind. Cotton flannel options in different colors and patterns can be consifered We also have jerseys in different weights in white, grey, navy which will make nice gowns.   The feedback on the first set has been encouraging. We also have merino options available now.  Will revert if we are reopening orders in the near future.
New Posts  All Forums: