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Replied, apologies for missing it earlier.
 I believe all 3 are the same fabric, Dark Indigo Denim Chambray.
 Thanks FC. Mail has been responded to. Looks like an interesting project.
 I thought we are on zero unreplied mails as of now. Please resend your message.   Do let us know the original color and final desired shade. Will do a test and let you know. Please send an email.
Different wash effects on the Dark Indigo Denim Chambray:        
 Sadly no, as of now.
Thank you ammanati for the nice images. Yes, denim can be washed to lighten shade. The achieved shade depends on the base color original color and its composition as it will only lighten in that spectrum. Also, the washing can result in a slightly lighter or darker shade than specified as the process cannot be minutely controlled.
Just got an email with this image. These would somehow transform into buttons for our jeans.  
A Luxire customer posted this image here.  
The navy and maroon that we added are really good. Nice, heavy and soft.
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